This is how the United States leads the movements of the Ukrainians (by satellite) –

This is how the United States leads the movements of the Ukrainians (by satellite) –
to Guido Olympio and Andrea Marinelli

Officially, there are no Americans on the battlefield: but many voices say otherwise. Strategic provision of satellite imagery

It is all written, announced and published to the public. When the White House authorized new war supplies to Ukraine on March 16
on the last line of the “shopping list” There were four words: satellite imagery and analytical work
. It is a fleeting note, which a few days later was filled with clear statements from senior officials. General Scott Perrier, DIA’s director, said intelligence sharing with the Ukrainians had taken on “revolutionary” and unprecedented features., Military espionage, during a congressional hearing. Then his colleague, Paul Nakasone, head of Cyber ​​Command and the National Security Agency, the agency that listens to everything, entered the scene: In his 35 years of service – he asserted – I’ve never seen better collaboration in sharing what we know: US intelligence – he explains – monitors and reacts quickly With attempts to mislead.

US alarm clocks

“We have constantly shared detailed information with the Ukrainian government,” White House spokesman Jen Psaki said in early March. This information allowed them to understand Russian plans and develop a military response. Cooperation with Ukraine, which began in 2015, has become very effective over time. US spies have been predicting for months what will happen next, the invasion: a constant flow of information, never seen before. Then, as soon as the conflict began, they responded at several levels: electronic and satellite aerial reconnaissance collected Russian “signals”, intercept communications, and remotely – but closely, thanks to tools, monitoring – of the movements of the army.

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An effort involving aircraft from different countries, including Italy. Then they passed on to the Ukrainians the exact coordinates, warnings and details: according to some analysts, it is possible that many precise attacks carried out by the resistance had occurred thanks to the precious signals that arrived from Washington. Nakasone has always said that the “secret ingredient” is the ability to work outside the country, “to see what our opponent is doing.”

Who knows if many of the Russian officers who fell at the front were not bombed by local snipers who had previously trained the CIA paramilitaries in a special project that began in 2015. CNN writes that a database will also be created where the most important information is poured, a digital archive that the “defenders” can access immediately and within a limited time window. An important role was also played by Starlink Internet stations, the satellites provided by Elon Musk that allowed Kiev to have a permanent connection to the Internet.

Data collection

Location Intercept He added that the intelligence is not crude, but it is already well thought out, so it can be used more effectively. The US exaggerates data that agents can confirm, even using a liaison officer to report to the Ukrainians, and ignores unconfirmed data. It is a sophisticated system that has so far allowed Washington to provide assistance while avoiding becoming an “effective combatant” in the conflict.This is why drones and reconnaissance planes are careful not to enter Ukrainian airspace.

It may be added to this task that on Earth, he was entrusted to secret teams. There is no confirmation on this point: the official line is that there are no Americans on the ground, but rumors have emerged claiming the opposite, calling into question the special forces and “shadows”. It is the secret world protected by denial and ritual situations that exclude direct intervention. History has often shown what the truth was at the time.

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