They are auctioning off Lorain's old movie theaters and underground parking lot

They are auctioning off Lorain's old movie theaters and underground parking lot

The bankruptcy administrator of Grup Lauren Gallery, owner of the property located at No. 8 of Calle Pere de Cabrera, sold the building housing the cinemas and the underground car park at public auction by order of the 42nd Court of First Instance of Barcelona after the group went into liquidation.

The auction of these assets is conducted by the entity Trademat Auction SL, which does so online through its website. The assets are divided into two parts, the cinema and the car park, and the deadline for submission of offers begins on Friday and ends on April 10. According to the terms of the auction, there is no minimum starting price, but bidders must prove payment and make a deposit of €6,000. However, the bankruptcy administrator reserves the right to declare the process invalid “when he or she deems that the amounts offered are insufficient to satisfy the interests of the creditors and/or the bankruptcy.” The liquidation value of the estate, that is, the amount that will be obtained if its assets are sold together or separately, is one million euros, according to the same auction portal. On the other hand, the terms of the process also indicate that the winning bidders will not be able to make claims regarding the physical or legal condition in which the cinema and parking lots are located “on the basis that together with the offer they are providing their services.” Waive this.” However, they can request a review of their condition before placing an offer and selling the asset. The auction of the former Lauren cinemas comes just weeks after Paeria fined the group for a third time for not cleaning, inspecting and repairing parts of the original. Deteriorating ceiling, removing graffiti and dirt Of facades and signage. In turn, the community of owners of the parking lot next to the Lorain House complained about the occupation of the latter, like a cinema. It should be remembered that the Lorain cinemas were a benchmark in Lleida until their closure due to bankruptcy on July 8, 2015.

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