They adopt him from the shelter and bring him back a few hours later: Logan is desperate, but the story has an unexpected ending

They adopt him from the shelter and bring him back a few hours later: Logan is desperate, but the story has an unexpected ending

Logan’s story has moved the web world: from rejection after adoption with a return to the kennel, to an unexpected twist.

A “gentle giant” is how it might be defined logan, 4-year course who lived for some time in a kennel in California. Certainly, her proportions are not small, but her personality has always been talkative and quiet. However, even this was not enough to obtain the right to a house.

However, despite the difficulty of finding a foster home due to her size, a family decided to adopt her, finally giving her a new life away from the shelter. It’s all very nice except a few hours later, same family I decided to return it.

Logan’s touching story –

It wasn’t Logan’s fault that he bit someone, much less that he reacted badly by destroying the house. His reason for returning to the shelter was simply his fear of something he had not seen before until then. In fact, in Logan, Not even given access to the front doorsince the car trip was the only measure.

The Unexpected Episode of Logan: From Back in the Doghouse to Twist

He wasn’t even given a real chance. Rocky Kanaka who has thousands of followers on TikTok and who became passionate about Logan’s story explained by following his journey inside the Wildomar Asylum. In fact, the dog has a personality that is capable of showing emotions, such as fear.

while driving logan, He found himself frightened in the cage he was in; Natural reaction, but decisive. A dog that comes from a kennel where it has lived for several years needs an adaptation process.

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Corso before adoption (Source @tiktok)

This process can take days, weeks, or even months. However, this thing has generated fear in new owners, thanks to the fact that adoptees are not aware, let alone prepared, of the road to follow.

However, in all of this story, it was Logan who lost, and he who emerged Walk through the kennel door again. Then Dora returned to the kennel. one day with her My sister Nala He was found wandering the streets of California. These two dogs were in very bad shape and were very malnourished, so they were taken to animal friends in the valleys.

@rockykanakaofficial Help me spread the word he needs a home. ❤️ My heart is breaking for what he went through but I am so glad he is now safe. Logan’s Cane Corso is going to have a great life from now on thanks to @AFVpets and all of you. #dogsoftiktok #adopt me #canecorso ♬ original sound – rockykanaka

The sister was fortunate enough to find an adoptive family in a very short time, but for Logan, it became more complicated. But after some time, the unexpected happened: a large family of two parents and five children decided to take care of the big little Logan, The perfect welcome.

The meeting was filmed on Tik Tok, with the admiration of millions of viewers. Once again, fate made its way, giving Logan the family he always deserved.

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