These diets seem healthy but are actually dangerous

These diets seem healthy but are actually dangerous

Concept “Being on a diet” Or “on order” for Weight loss It’s something that’s getting very old. One reason is that more and more doctors and nutritionists are recommending wearing one Healthy lifestylewhich includes a Good nutrition And physical exercises. The key is to implement it alwaysRather than getting it done on schedule or within a specific period of time, as happens when a person is placed on the system.

Likewise, some types of diets are more controversial than others. Below we explain a few more “dangerous” And what is best avoided.

Single diets

From “This week I only eat artichokes” to “Today I only eat mushrooms, and tomorrow I only eat pineapple.” Diets that rely on eating one food for a specific period of time are among the most prohibited, although… There are still “diet” centers promoting it.

It could be the person Weight loss While he does this (since he is not really breastfeeding), but then it will be inevitable to regain the lost pounds when he returns to breastfeeding in the usual way. It must also be said that following this restrictive meal plan can cause Nutritional deficit I Health problems Derivatives.

Just think of “macros.”

Another diet that doesn’t make sense from a health standpoint is IIFYM: “If it fits your macros” Or “as long as you’re within your macros.” Every day, we all need to eat a certain amount of Calories Coming from all three Macronutrients Basic: Protein, fat and carbohydrates. But no Line What we get from these macros makes a huge difference in our health. For example, getting fat from avocados or extra virgin olive oil is not the same as getting fat from an ultra-processed product like packaged potato chips.

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The IIFYM diet, though, doesn’t take this into account, propagating the idea that “it doesn’t matter what you eat, as long as it’s within your macros and you don’t go overboard on calories.” This is one mistake It can be dangerous, because it can cause people to replace foods that are beneficial to consuming products of low nutritional quality that Harm the body.

Food according to blood type

Although this is unlikely, there is also a diet that indicates how to eat according to your blood type, without taking into account other variables. this It does not have any kind of scientific evidencealthough it is actually promoted by certain groups, such as naturopaths.

To give some examples, the Blood Type Diet suggests eating more meat and fish and avoiding kiwi. People in Group A are advised to follow a vegetarian diet, while people in Group B are told to eat more dairy products.

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