“There is absolute confidence in the Spanish economy.”

“There is absolute confidence in the Spanish economy.”

Political difficulties, parliamentary division, and demands from Catalan independence activists regarding the amnesty law raise doubts about the government's ability to implement budgets and reforms. Will all this lead to a shorter legislature and greater investor mistrust towards Spain?

We see in the data tremendous confidence among international investors. I'm talking about real investments in our industry. But also from financial investments, i.e. buying our debt issues. This confidence in the Spanish economy exists and should also reassure citizens, because beyond the political noise, there is absolute confidence and good future prospects for the Spanish economy. This is indeed a message I would like to make clear. From here, we are working to push the measures that we believe are best for the country. In a context where it will be increasingly difficult for us to see an absolute majority again in the future, the work must always be one of negotiation and dialogue.

At the end of this semester, it is time to renew the position of Governor of the Bank of Spain. What is the ideal image of the next ruler?

First of all, I would like to point out the excellent work done by the current governor, because Pablo Hernández de Cos places the Bank of Spain among the central banks with the best international reputation. Given the decision that must be made before the summer, we will see in the coming months the specific profile of the person who will be chosen.

The governor or the governor?

we will see. Undoubtedly, the profile must include a clear element of professionalism and here we will see if we finally have a premier governor, or if we have a combination, as we already have now, with an excellent deputy governor, who has also done an amazing job. We'll see how we set that up, but the gender balance element on these types of sites is always a priority.

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Among its tasks is also the reform of the Capital Companies Act, which is part of other agreements between PSOE and Junts, which relate to decisions to change the headquarters of companies.

Our law on capital companies sets out the criteria that a company must meet when establishing its headquarters in an autonomous region or in any region it may be.

Will the change in the law on capital companies, which in 2017 favored the change of companies that wanted to leave Catalonia, be reversed by transferring the decision of the shareholders' meeting to the board of directors?

The starting point for the text that can be closed should not be to preserve the conditions for determining the location of entities. The headquarters already established in any community will not have any differential element with respect to the previous regulations.

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