Scientists from all over the world question the relationship between art and science at Biogem

Scientists from all over the world question the relationship between art and science at Biogem
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The 14th edition of “Le Due Cultures” kicks off today, scheduled until next Sunday at the headquarters of Biogem, in Ariano Irpino, and focuses, this year, on the relationship between art and science. The works, also available live on the Biogem Institute’s YouTube channel, will be presented at 4:00 pm by the President of the Irpino Research Center, Ortensio Zecchino, who will, as always, put together an assessment of the latest Biogem read by Professor Marco de Capua, from The Academy of Fine Arts of Naples, participated in the “Lecture magistralis” which aims to analyze the appearance of art on nature.
Next, physicists Antonio Eredetto and Franco Cervelli will attempt to prove that art and science are more similar to each other than we would normally like to believe. The artist Ettore De Conciliis will also emphasize, in the evening, the presentation of his paintings, an immersion in poetic landscape representations.

This time also, in the long list of heroes, the character of the Nobel Prize laureate, American immunologist Bruce Butler, winner of the Prize for Physiology and Medicine in 2011, along with Jules A.Hoffmann and Ralph M. Steinman, “for their discoveries relating to Activating innate immunity.” Prof. Butler, in a video conference, will answer questions from attendees about the mutations that cause cancer resistance, the subject of his report, scheduled for Saturday at 17:30.

News will be knocking on the doors of the meeting tomorrow afternoon, when, again at 16:00 (starting time for all afternoon sessions), Ambassador Cosimo Risi will interview his colleague Vincenzo Grassi and academic Setemio Stallone regarding Europe to come after the Russian-Ukrainian conflict’.
A great European, the French neurobiologist Jean-Pierre Changux, will give, immediately after that, a lecture with the evocative title “Connections in Conscious Processing: From the Molecular to the Cultural Level (Arts and Sciences)”. An intense Thursday afternoon will conclude the Neapolitan writer Maurizio Di Giovanni, who, in a video conference, will try to “tell a city that tells itself”. On Thursday, this year’s Evening Gathering program, embellished with the artistic direction of Mr. Nazarino Carusi, the famous musician and great friend of Biogem, will begin. Space, therefore, for the notes of the pianist Giuseppe Albanese.
It will open on Friday under the theme of Leonardo da Vinci, on an exemplary journey “to science before science”, accompanied by the director of the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, Monsignor Alberto Roca. The theme of creation between science and art will be analyzed immediately afterwards by the biochemist and academic of the Lincei, Ernesto Caravoli, followed by an in-depth study on Michelangelo’s “Moses” and Sigmund Freud’s interpretation of the mythical biblical figure, created by Professor David Mignagi, a psychologist and historian of religions . The evening program includes performances by three very young girls: poet Imperatrice Bruno, violinist Julia Raimonda and pianist Luna Costanini, who engage in an interdisciplinary artistic dialogue.
Contemporary arts will frame, on Saturday afternoon, the aforementioned speech by Nobel laureate Bruce Butler, preceded by a conference on ‘Imaging Between Two Cultures’, followed by a speech on the relationship between science and cinema, respectively, by Claudio Mara and Giacomo Manzulli, both Professor at the University of Bologna. Manzulli himself will have to inaugurate the evening programme, focusing on cinema and energizing it with the presentation of film sequences, edited by visual effects influencer Stefano Argenziano and commented by institutional historian Francesco Di Donato and journalist Antonio Fiori.
The full immersion on Sunday also includes a rich morning session, presented, at 10:00, by Francesca Casadio (Art Institute of Chicago) and Gennaro Marino (Professor Emeritus of Federico II University of Naples), with a discussion entitled “ Diagnostic Techniques and Cultural Heritage: System Fertile environment. Antonio Ivaroni, on a trip to Biogem from Columbia University Medical Center in New York, will talk about “Imagination and Technology as Solutions to the Mysteries of Life.” The afternoon opening will also be global, thanks to the presence of the scholar Michael Barry, who will compare Attar’s Persian poetry with the legendary preaching of St. Francis. Concluding the meeting, before the award of the Maria Antonia Gervasio Literary Prize and President Zicino’s farewell speech, were entrusted to two stars of Italian science: Giuseppe Remotzi, who will guide those present ” in the search for the footprints. Mr. Neanderthal; And Antonino Zecchi called to express his ideas about the relationship between mathematics and beauty. Both are certainly present in the tunes of Bach, Chopin and Rachmaninoff, which will resonate in the hall thanks to pianist Antonio Gomina, a young Ariana talent, returning from a series of international concerts.

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