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June 26th that is World Anti-Drug Day. It is one of the foundations that work to prevent this addiction Relivecreated and operated by Julio Alberto Moreno.

We were with the former Barcelona player at the Maresme rehabilitation clinic where he himself started his new life and where he now gives advice to residents so they can get out of it:I am who I am today thanks to the fact that I was accepted here in 1994 and 1995.“, points out in relation to CITA Detox ClinicIn Doserys.

Next to the psychiatrist they’ve been friends with for 40 years, he explains Help him rehabilitate at 30 Who runs the clinic? the Doctor Josep Maria Fabregas He is also currently collaborating with the Foundation: “How lucky we are that someone like Julio Alberto dedicates his time to helping others with his expertise.” A difficult experience but with a happy ending:

“They took from me everything I had earned so long ago with sweat and effort and work. To see my granddaughters again, to see my parents again, to have a job again, to know how to go out with my friends again.”

One of those friends is Bernd Schuster, who played with him at Barcelona in the 1980s Who he still sees often and has a great relationship with his family. The German is very proud of the lifestyle his former teammate is currently living: “It doesn’t surprise me at all that he now dedicates his life to all of this to help others.

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Dr. Fabregas appreciates Julio Alberto’s work with Relife and the process he has carried out all these years: “There is life after this darkness. It is something worth doing and Giulio Alberto is an example.” An example that Giulio Alberto himself explains in detail:

“My duty is to educate and train. To help create healthy and beneficial behavior… a full life without unnecessary risk.”

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