The war in Ukraine, will the US veto fall on the strikes in Russia (and the fear of nuclear escalation)? –

The war in Ukraine, will the US veto fall on the strikes in Russia (and the fear of nuclear escalation)?  –

The decision could have been made after Putin’s men stepped up bombing of Ukrainian civilian infrastructure in recent weeks, but it should not change the scenario.

In Ukraine, the fighting on the ground never stops, as does expert analyses, one revelation at a time, and drafts coming in from departments. An anonymous defense official revealed in recent days to times London it The Pentagon was going to lift the veto on the strikes by the Ukrainians Reverse Military targets on Russian soil. He explained that the decision would have been taken after intensifying measures in recent weeks Bombing of civilian infrastructure in Ukraine By Putin’s men, however The scenario should not be changed.

Despite a veto by the United States, which initially refused to supply the long-range missiles and then allegedly modified those sent to prevent them from reaching Russia, So far, Ukrainian resistance has hit the border evenly with sabotageAnd the rocketsAnd the Drones And the special forces. The agreement with the Allies was to use the supplied weapons to take back their lands, including those annexed in 2014, Without hitting in Russia, so as not to provoke a reaction from the Kremlin.

Now, according to an explanation timesAlternatively, the starting signal would have arrived to attack military targets in enemy territory. However, the most important aspect of this decision is another: In Washington they would have changed perspective because they did Less fear of conflict escalation. Including nuclear energy. The impact of the deep blows inflicted by the Ukrainians was confirmed by what happened in these hours Melitopol, with the fixtures used by the Russians that focus on Al Himar: System is important, but intelligence that identifies targets is also relevant.

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