Here comes the Defender’s antidote from China: this new Jeep will leave you speechless

Here comes the Defender’s antidote from China: this new Jeep will leave you speechless

Land Rover trembles due to the approaching arrival of a car from China ready to compete in the market.

Among the most beautiful cars ever built land Rover Certainly one cannot fail to mention cannon. This model is now appreciated all over the world and, despite the increasingly demanding competition from China, does not seem to be afraid of comparisons with anyone.

Land Rover Defender (Land Rover Press Media – Mondofuoristrada)

In fact, the British house managed to create an impressive model with a length of 458 cm, a width of 200 cm and a height of 197 cm. This allows it to be a five-seater, but at the same time many models can be expanded up to 7.

Not only has great attention been paid to the exterior and interior design finishes, but also land Rover with the cannon Try to please everyone also from a mover point of view. There are a total of four different versions, from the classic petrol and diesel, to the extra petrol and most of all to the Mild diesel hybrid.

The latter is certainly the most interesting version, with the engine having a 6-cylinder displacement of 3000 and a power of 200 hp. In this way, the maximum speed peak is only 175 km / h, but it still has a chance of using only 8.8 liters to be able to travel 100 km.

Starting cost starts from 58,700 euroseven if the cheapest model so far is the diesel one 55,500 euros. So, there is a big car, but more and more work is being done from China to be able to meet European companies, with Great Wall Motors Which gave birth to a beautiful SUV.

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Haval Xianglong: Here is the off-road dream car

It is clear that the Chinese market is developing in terms of car production and it has once again shown its improvements with Haval Xianglong. Not everyone knows yet, the car is not yet on the market, but the car will be released.

Haval Xianglong, the counter-defender
Haval Xianglong, the new jeep that comes from China (Source: Twitter)

Confirmation comes from Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The only sure things are related to the engines, though Haval Xianglong Which will provide a wide choice to its customers.

Obviously, the major developments have been made in a way that makes for a great hybrid car. A special option for China that you are trying to focus on only Full electricity. The most anticipated model of this group concerns the car with a 1,500-cubic-cylinder petrol engine, which will be joined by a front electric motor with 70 kW and 94 hp and a rear engine with 201 hp.

So the power is in the house at the headquarters haval, But there will be potential for further performance improvement. In fact, it would be possible to create a hybrid drive from 1500 cubic capacity with 108 horsepower front engine and 201 rear engine. China is working hard to develop more and more in the automotive world and the results reward such great innovations.

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