The US Golf News Team still believes in “black cats”.

The US Golf News Team still believes in “black cats”.

In Team USA they still believe in “black cats”…

Team USA won the Presidents Cup 2022 by 5 points, the same as Jordan Spieth won in the five games he played, but everything took on more flavor of randomness thanks to lucky Marchino and a “losing” hat.

Davis Love III Tell In fact, a story about Spieth’s match against Cam Davis. Despite having 4 points won in 4 games played, the three-time champion immediately fell with two holes and thought his already poor singles stats could only get worse. Unless he’s changing things up, he needs a little something out of his closet.

“Actually what happened is that Jordan Spieth forgot about him Marchini Love told The Fred Couples Show. “They figured it out from the third hole. And the husbands heard it on the radio. They call and say Jordan needs his tags.” My cans, Jeff Webber, think about it, saying, ‘I have it already, they were brought to him before arriving. to the green of the four.”

One Mark Speth

Spiath immediately hit 4 to win the slot. Then he made another birdie on the next hole to equalize the game and ended up winning 4 times and 3 to play, Finished a great week with 5 wins out of 5 matches.

“He was ahead 2 and never won a match (on the singles),” Love added. “Then he gets lucky rallies from captains on the radio and maybe misses out for the rest of the day.”

Obviously thanks to Marcino.

But Love adds to the potion by saying that another superstitious move of his helped save his team on Sunday Qual Hollow, too.

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“I’ve been wearing a white hat all week except for the team Love said, she was wearing a blue hat with a small rope. “So I guess I can wear the blue hat.

We are in good shape.” When I left hole 6 where I could see everyone passing by, I said to myself, “Oh no, that’s not good. I took the white again and changed.”

He did it all by himself!

What a captain!

Also for the decision to have the team wear hats with hanging straps (maybe an 80s nerd…)

Aside from the captain, there’s a claim from PgaTour that “these guys are good” (these guys are good).

Well, but also a bit superstitious..

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