The US Defense has ordered 26 Leonardo helicopters for $110 million

The US Defense has ordered 26 Leonardo helicopters for 0 million

the Pentagon He announced this, as part of a program to create a new advanced training system for the US Navy that he is responsible for AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corp. , The option is exercised production and delivery of the fourth batch of 26 TH-73A helicopters, worth $110.5 millionthe.
The helicopters will be built in Philadelphia, with plans to complete the activities in December 2024. In January 2020 Leonardo, through AgustaWestland Philadelphia Corep. , on the first contract worth $176 million For production and delivery of 32 helicopters TH-73A, with a starter pack spare parts, Dedicated support and equipment, as well as training services for pilots and maintenance technicians.

In the November 2020, options have been made for an additional 36 helicopters worth $171 million. to me December 2021 Another 36 units worth of purchases were confirmed $159.4 million. The helicopters are built at Leonardo’s facility in Philadelphia and are used to train the next generation of US Navy, Marines and Coast Guard pilots. In September 2022, the first 12 students begin training on the TH-73A, designated “Thrasher” by the US Navy. In November 2022, the first of these students completed their first solo flights.

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