USA, Biden: “huge potential and huge danger from artificial intelligence”

USA, Biden: “huge potential and huge danger from artificial intelligence”

What you do with AI has huge potential and enormous riskThis is what Joe Biden said at the summit of Google, Microsoft, Anthropic, and OpenAI companies, who attended yesterday the meeting held by the White House to set rules and procedures to reduce the risks of artificial intelligence.

Underlining the fact that artificial intelligence is a “really important” issue for management, the president appeared to briefly greet the meeting, which was chaired by Vice President Kamala Harris, and reminded executives of their responsibility to ensure the safety of their products. before being put on the market. Both Biden and Harris emphasized that the administration, for its part, is committed to “doing its part” to protect the safety of Americans. With the vice president who reiterated that companies have The “moral and legal obligation” to ensure this securityto.

So the White House indicates its willingness to support regulations and laws to control artificial intelligence, even if specific details are not provided. Again, during the meeting, the White House said, there was a “frank and constructive discussion” about the need for transparency on the part of companies, and in particular, effective evaluation processes for AI systems were discussed, as well as for Ensure their safety from attacks.

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