May 29, 2023

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The United States is a dream to live

Promised Land, from fiction. Cinema, music and literature have made him a legend, an idealized dream, but it is quite another to live in it: “Perhaps, after all, America has never been discovered. I personally would say it has been glimpsed.”

speech Oscar Wilde They leave room for reality discovery. It seems to us that we have always known United State, concurs with countless movies, books, and songs that we mumble without even realizing it once we become familiar with this refrain. The American Dream is a beautiful anticipation, a world in which everything seems possible, not to mention the contradictions, the boundless dimensions of Earth are a perfect excuse. A trip to the States is an opportunity to truly discover and understand this country and try to transcend Hollywood stereotypes and explore the stunning landscapes and hidden gems it has to offer.

A journey to discover American culture, the extraordinary and wild nature, the primal treasure of this young nation, and the foundational element of their identity. fighting betweenwilderness And “Civilization ” It is the generating myth of the American ego that divides them by the kilometers and social distances between the capital and the hinterland. At the same time, it is the only country in the world where you can find landscapes and atmospheres that are incredibly different and so close to each other. there east and the West Coasttwo parallel realities, similar in charm to Florida and California, a world dividing them: endless plains, great lakes, very high mountains and barren deserts, intersected by such famous roads as Route 66, Not just a transit, but an existing state. The nature of the United States is beyond imagination and even geographical boundaries, revealing itself in the world of ice Alaskaand in the Central Pacific Ocean Hawaiilocated at the opposite end of a continent-like world.

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East Coast, West Coast, lands of settlers and pioneers

there East Coast It embodies the American identity. Always the gateway to the country, these are the major cities but also the wild and scattered corners of the country like Newport, cradle of the Gilded Age, or the vast open spaces of South Carolina. from northern state whoWhere you spot whales in the southern lakes flCrocodile paradise. Unspoiled nature and the city that made the nation great, starting with New Yorkthe emblem of the American Dream, where anything can happen, the Big Apple where one feels small among the jungle of skyscrapers but at the same time welcome because here no one feels like an outsider. Washington, DC. , the capital formed under the supervision of the White House, PhiladelphiaNoted for the Declaration of Independence and the first Constitution of the United States, H BostonHero of the American Revolution, home Harvardone of the most prestigious universities in the world, and the City of Literature, suffice it to mention Benjamin Franklin And Edgar Allan Poe. Along the east coast, there are also chic vacation resorts for wealthier locals such as HamptonsAnd cape cod, Martha’s VineyardThen the sea as a way of life, where the sun shines 365 days a year or so:welcome to MiamiOverlooking the turquoise ocean just one step away from the Caribbean Sea. Here American style blends with Latin along white beaches, in design districts and in shopping havens.

There seems to be a common thread that unites opposites, from Florida to California, it’s surprising if we look up this wonderful attitude inhabited by Beach boys and beach bums, seaside villas and promenades filled with trendy boutiques. Along the West Coast shine Los AngelesMecca of cinema, and the most paparazzi hill in the world, Beverly Hills, Where life is a movie. Only half an hour drive away, you will be surfing the rolling waves Santa Monica Then get out along Pacific Coast Highwaybetween Malibu and the Napa Valley. The land of high technology, life tasty and ups and downs San Franciscobut also from legends Alcatraz In which gambling is extinguished in captivity and daring escapes evoke that sense of frontier that still distinguishes West Coast. “larger than lifeAs the locals define it, where the real hero is nature, rugged and wild, enchanting in between California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado And the wonderful state parks along the coasts… from the scorching deserts in which mirage-like cities grow. Vegasan urban paradox where fortunes gamble and people get married at the speed of light, with mountain ranges exceeding 4,000 meters, and a green roof with stars and stripes.

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Nature, the great protagonist

The wonders of Mother Earth could not ignore a tour of the United States, for as they say in these parts: “Nothing is truly American like American nature“. with Torresanda You can choose the right itinerary for you from among the many possibilities that Eden has to offer. the Grand Canyon Perhaps the most fascinating, however, is in Northern Arizona: a trail that stretches for hundreds of kilometers following the bends of the Colorado River, offering suggestive landscapes where nature becomes art but at the same time culture. The sacred land of the Indians Hualapai And HavasubiSo Monument ValleyIndian reservation Navajo It is located between southern Utah and northern Arizona. Unusually suggestive beauty drawn by majestic and very ancient canyons, valleys and mountains.

with Torresanda It is possible to take part in a very special tour along the icon US Route 163 that connects Arizona and Utah, perhaps on notes”Coming out tonight for the state of the promised land / Oh oh the way of thunder, oh the way of thunderIt is worth traveling the kilometers to experience America on the road, crossing boundless horizons, climbing and then descending, to the lowest point, Death ValleyIt is a dry depression 225 km long and 40 km wide with a border of 86 meters below sea level. Natural wonders cut you into parallel worlds, likeAntelope Valley Northern Arizona, remarkable for the exceptional color diversity of the sandstone fading in circular hues from ocher to purple. National parks are a treasure States, if you need no introduction Yosemite With giant sequoias, and small ones Yellowstonea UNESCO heritage site as well as the first park in America.

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In the United States, wild environments are not only confined to park areas, but in some states they live in sovereign territory, confining man to small pockets of civilization. L’Alaska Case in point, far beyond the geographic borders of the United States of America, is the largest territory in the country where nature reigns supreme, from the pristine hinterland to the fjords Kenai Peninsulathe area located south Morsi, Even a dense archipelago Glacier by Alley. From eternal snows to the “idyllic tropical paradise”, the HawaiiIn the heart of the Pacific Ocean. The volcanic formation of the islands is evident in the shapes, from conical peaks to some pretty brown beaches. Dark or golden, the coasts of Hawaii are loved by surfers. north shore It’s their paradise, so it is Waimea, sunset And Pipeline BeachWhere the most important races in the world are held. the Hawaii It is the place for many athletes but also for digital natives who leave everything behind to reinvent themselves in new activities.