Elections in Catalonia | PSC rejects Puigdemont’s investment

Elections in Catalonia |  PSC rejects Puigdemont’s investment

The PSC rejects Puigdemont’s investment and will prioritize understanding with progressive forcesACN

he sun Gives a start to Negotiation To seek support for investment Salvador Ella As the new president of the generalitats. This is what party spokeswoman Nuria Barlon said after the Executive Committee meeting, in which the formation of the group responsible for the talks was approved. According to Barlon, socialists would like to be able to get along with the party Progressive forces But he said they would talk to everyone “except those with hate speech.” On the other hand, the PSC has already closed the door on facilitating the installation of the Junts+ leader, Carles PuigdemontEven if it “threatens to obstruct the progressive government of the state.” The spokeswoman said, “Istiqlal does not have a legitimate majority to demand the government.”

The spokeswoman stressed, in a press conference from the party’s headquarters, that both Independence, and especially Puigdemont, must “accept the principle of reality.” Precisely for this reason, Barlon said that the person who should “lead” the new government is Ella and not the Junts+ candidate. In addition, he rebuked Puigdemont for “threatening” to obstruct the possibility of governing the state. He pointed out that “the thought he must think about is whether a right-wing government in the country suits him more than a government that turns the page and bets on coexistence,” and told him that this position is “not completely correct.”

Regarding the formation of a socialist government, the preferred option is to reach an understanding with the progressive forces. “They pose the same challenges and challenges,” the spokeswoman justified, adding that she sees “more possibilities” for a new summit. A “purely ideological” issue.. Anyway, he noticed it They do not close the door to talking with any other partyNor with Gontz, and only “those who promote hatred” were excluded from the talks.

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At this stage, when asked whether the PSC would accept votes Fox At a virtual inauguration, Parlon emphasized that They will “never” agree with the far-right party. However, he noted that what the PSC cannot do is “tie their hands” to other policy options “to prevent them from voting what they vote for.”

The spokeswoman was not ruled out Purchasing power From the talks they confirmed that they would talk. In any case, he has already said that they are not thinking of agreeing on a government there, but they believe that they should talk to him about issues such as the constitution of the Office of Parliament.

Negotiating Committee

The Socialists held a meeting of the party’s executive committee this morning, after the electoral victory. In the secret meeting, the PSC already agreed to form a negotiating committee to deal with talks related to the inauguration and the parliament’s constitution. The group will be chaired by First Deputy Secretary, Louisa Moret; And by the president of the organization, José Luis Jimeno; And by the head of electoral work, Joaquín Fernández; For future representatives Alicia Romero and Ferran Pedret and for Executive Board member Javier Villamayor.

Aragones will not collect the minutes

On the other hand, Parlon also referred to the state president’s decision, Peter AragonesBecause he did not hold the position of MP in Parliament. The spokeswoman did not want to evaluate the announcement, and limited herself to saying that they “very much respect” the decision and showed everything she had. “Recognition” towards the president. He wanted to add that the PSC “has always demonstrated serious and open opposition,” with a desire to “build bridges.”

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