Ferrari Borosang, there's an old SUV that reached the same speeds: you'll definitely remember it

Ferrari Borosang, there's an old SUV that reached the same speeds: you'll definitely remember it

The Ferrari Purosangio is already a legend in its own right. In the past, there were SUVs, like the one from Maranello, that were truly terrifying in terms of performance

Breaking from its tradition as a sports car manufacturer,… Ferrari I decided to make an SUV as well. On September 13, 2022, genuine, that is, the first and so far only SUV to come out of the Maranello workshops. The decision to produce a similar model was potentially risky but the reality turned out to be very different.

Ferrari Purosangio, in the past there was another amazing performance SUV –

The Prancing Horse SUV achieved great success, even though its price exceeded 385 thousand euros. The naturally aspirated V12 up front gives it 725 horsepower and a thrilling sound. Maybe the Ferrari Borusangio is the car The most popular and sought-after SUVs In the market, and by taking a look at its performance and dreamy design, we all understand why.

A very powerful SUV, so to speak, that had an illustrious predecessor. In fact, twenty-four years ago, a race car with similar performance was unveiled BMW X5 Le Mans. We are talking about an SUV that seems to be no different from the standard model and which in any case does not go slowly at all. Clearly, the fundamental difference was under the hood.

SUV, here is the BMW X5 Le Mans that scared everyone

But in addition to the engine, there were some differences compared to the base such as the presence of 20-inch gold BBS rims, low-profile tires and also about 30 mm less ground clearance.

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However, these differences do not prompt us to think about the offers that we will reveal to you soon. As expected, in fact, the real strong point of the BMW X5 was under the hood with an engine capable of unleashing exceptional thrust.

BMW X5 Le Mans engine power speed
Here is the BMW X5 Le Mans, what a fireball –

To give power to this particular BMW There was a 12-cylinder engine with 700 hp of maximum powerwhich was installed on McLaren Formula 1 organized the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1999. At that time, the Munich manufacturer had entered into a partnership with the Woking manufacturer regarding endurance racing. In this regard, many will remember the impressive British car in BMW livery, which also achieved notable results in specialist races.

The BMW X5 Le Mans has reached the scariest track in the world. Nürburgring Nordschleife, exceptional time setting. German driver Hans-Joachim Stock covered it in 7 minutes, 49 seconds and 92 hundredths, an exceptional performance to say the least considering that we are talking about a quarter of a century ago and it still gives fans goosebumps even today.

With this model, BMW has hit the mark in every way. An authentic focus of beauty and power that was truly ahead of its time.

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