Fallout London is coming: Here’s how to play it

Fallout London is coming: Here’s how to play it

London repercussions – The ambitious Fallout 4 mod that essentially creates an entirely new game – was due out this spring but the arrival of a current-gen update for the game’s core consoles has complicated the lives of the creators of this fan-made DLC. Now, however, there’s an update.

The team’s identity has been revealed. In collaboration with GOGto provide a standalone version of Fallout London for players to use. Since the project is too large to be published through most modding sites, GOG is hosting the download and making it available to all players, regardless of which store they own the base version of Fallout 4 (which is required, you can’t play London 4 without it).

In a new statement, he said: Fullon Team He gives an update on this process and says that everything is almost complete.

Statement from the Fallout London team

“There has been a lot of speculation about our upcoming release, and we wanted to open up and clarify this with our core supporters,” the site wrote. “The bottom line is that we have sent several builds to GOG for QA testing and are awaiting the final green light. Once we complete the double-checking process and have Fallout London working and installed on all supported devices, we should be ready to go.”

London is also destroyed in Fallout London, as seen in this abandoned house.

They confirm: “Yes, we have our own installer and downgrade tool as well.” The FOLON team reminds fans that this process, while it will only slow down the release, should result in Better final product“It is in all of our interests that this final quality assurance process is completed in full, and we are very grateful that GOG is helping us.”

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“Although it may not seem like much is happening, we can assure you that our department leaders have been I worked tirelessly behind the scenes. “During this period to make the launch process the best it can be,” concludes the FOLON team post.

We also remember that the development team wants to become a real software house.

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