The death of Putin, aged 20, from Pique and Trevisan: So, today …

The death of Putin, aged 20, from Pique and Trevisan: So, today …

– And again with the countless news about Putin’s cancer. But even if he had, or had, what would change you? Tanti is Al Kremelino and commands. At least until death separates her from power

– The Patriarch Kirill It is saved from penalties. supernatural powers

– It seems that Effects He had the guts to betray the 20-year-old Shakira. Nothing has been confirmed, only rumors. For heaven’s sake: the heart does not command. But, OK: This 20-year-old must have some crazy qualities. Or is he crazy?

Martina Trevisan Scopola took from the titles of Coco Gauff and Repubblica: “Blue can leave Paris with a smile.” For me, not even. Paris leaves her with “Brigeno”, as they say in Perugia. That is, sad, disappointed and surly. After all, he lost, right?

– Let’s stop saying that the difficulties of the European Union in passing Sixth package of sanctions It was all Hungary’s fault. It’s not just Urban that we need to worry about. In fact, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria have also received exemptions. Not that Germany was so convinced that it supported Putin’s suspension of crude oil. The truth is that Europe is divided. But we prefer to talk about one rebel who breaks eggs in the basket

– The only thing that is said too little, too little, is the amountthe ban Russian oil. In fact, the countries also included a clause in the agreement that prevents the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Bulgaria from refining and reselling Russian oil. the reason? And its price is lower than what Europe will import, and it will remain less than what Europe will import. Who knows from where. This means, if you read it backwards, that oil – and therefore gasoline – will cost more in the EU than when we quietly imported black gold from Moscow. Good. It is the price of war. But do we want to say that at least?

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– Self Belotti He is looking for a team, and there is a reason: last season he scored only 8 goals. Not exactly racing launcher numbers

– Just to point out that in the end the only one peace plan Russia, the United States and Ukraine are set by Erdogan. Turkey docet. Sorry: didn’t you tell us that the Italian government, or rather Di Maio, had prepared a beautiful peace plan that was handed over to the right and left?

– A girl fell in love with a toy and asked to be engaged to a Boieing 737. Love is love, who are we to oppose? I tell you: a bunch of fools

– Everyone is talking about Giorgia Soleri, who says that everything becomes interesting for the media. But before she was “girlfriend” no one was spinning. The good times, those..

– Can we say? Italy and Argentina It wasn’t a match, but 90 minutes in which the Latin Americans hit the ball with the ball and, as usual, we never even shot on target from distance. Maybe it’s better if we don’t go to the World Championships, I don’t even have to hunt

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