“I think whoever killed Sansa will appear in the series.”

“I think whoever killed Sansa will appear in the series.”

BarcelonaAfter seven episodes that follow the story of Thor and the mystery of Sansa’s death, viewers on Monday said goodbye to Carles Porta’s documentary series with an eighth chapter that combines surprises and emotional moments. From the beginning of the docu-series, Porta has made it clear that viewers must act as the people’s jury and, after evaluating all the information gathered, make a decision on who is responsible for Sansa’s death.

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[A partir d’aquest punt hi ha espòilers]

So, in this last episode, the journalist reviewed the most important events that took place before and after Sansa’s death, and also gathered the main suspects in the murder who claimed to be the sole owner of Mount Sansa. Tor. Who killed Sansa? Were they the policemen from Palanca? Smugglers? A hitman hired by Rubén Castaner and English businessmen? Or was it some of Hippies? Of all the suspects, in the last episode, Porta faces only one, the smuggler Josep Pujol, presser. The reporter asks him directly if he killed Sansa. His answer is a resounding no.

The final shot of the series is an image of a mobile phone receiving a call from an unknown number. In the interview conducted after the final chapter aired, Porta explained that since the series began, he had received numerous calls from people who claimed to know who killed Sansa. He also added that he recently received a call that might be related but he has yet to verify her information so he can give it its authenticity. Depending on what they find out from those calls, there may be more, Porta said TorAlthough he points out that that seems unlikely.

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He also explained that if he came clean about who he believed killed Sansa, since the case had run out of statute of limitations, that person could be sued for libel and defamation. “I think whoever killed Sansa will come out in the series,” Porta said, adding that “he will put his hand to the fire, which no one from Thor has done.”

Tor future

Tor’s eighth episode leaves many questions open, but serves as Porta’s love letter to the village and its neighbors, some of whom are long dead. Thus, in the final episode, viewers witness personal and intimate moments of some of the most famous characters, such as Pilar Tomás, Lázaro Moreno, or Jordi Ripa. Crane.

The journalist has been emotionally attached to Tor’s story for thirty years, and this is hinted at in the final episode, when Porta invites residents to think about the future they see in the city. After decades in which the city was synonymous with death and violence, the docuseries ends up searching for a glimmer of hope.

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