“The tornado has arrived. Like a horror movie.”

“The tornado has arrived. Like a horror movie.”

the moldive Islands A nightmare for an Italian couple. During a trip they are taken to a deserted island. “Spit more sand than anything else,” says the girl in the video. But the escort left them there and then disappeared. The couple worried when she did not see him return, and above them, the weather was increasingly menacing. It started raining and the wind picked up too.

A nightmare voyage, in Australia, stranded hundreds of passengers on the ship for a week. Dangerous algae on the hull of the ship

Maldives nightmare, photos and videos with the drone

Among the users, there are those who are suspicious and ask why they are shooting videos with the drone if they are afraid. It was only later, as the weather worsened, that the situation began to worry, they replied. Moreover, they had no way of contacting anyone because the phone was out of order. Fortunately, the boat returned with the man afterwards and they were picked up and taken to the resort. But they stumbled across an experience they won’t soon forget.

@employee And that wasn’t the only painful experience in the Maldives haha #traveltalk # Travellife #flights ♬ Monkeys That Are About Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod and Kevin the Monkey

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