Photographers reaction (video)

Photographers reaction (video)

On the Red carpet of the 2023 Venice Film Festival I also arrived Nikita Pelizon. The winner of Big Brother Vip 7 decided to participate in the 80th edition of the festival with his creation. In fact, unlike other faces who have walked the red carpet, the ex Jevina did not choose to wear a high fashion dress. Nikita arrived in Venice in a dress she designed, which sparked some criticism. Not only that, from the videos circulating on the internet, it is understood that the paparazzi did not interact well.

assessing the situation, Bellison arrived at the Venice Film Festival in her Hunika by Nikita dress. The dress is not liked by many social media users, who indulge in various attacks.

“I am so grateful to be able to wear the Hunika dress by Nikita, which is dedicated to this year’s festival theme of Cinema’s Past, Present, and Future… Do you like it?”

And so Nikita shared on Twitter some snaps that show her walking the red carpet. Filmed videos appear on social networks Photographers reactionwho stopped taking pictures of the former Jevina. “There is a video clip of her showing off and the photographers are taking a break.”We read among the sarcastic comments on the Internet that talk about his fashion show.

According to many, the dress that Pelizon wore in Venice would be a complete flop. In particular, there are those who are convinced that the appearance did not live up to expectations. However, in the meantime, there is no shortage of positive comments on his modeling career. In fact, many of her fans cheered, complimenting her on the courage she had to walk the catwalk in one of her dresses.

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But the criticism does not stop there. Someone is attacking her because of the stance she took when she landed in Venice and got off the boat. Nikita, in this case, wore an outfit consisting of ripped jeans, a black T-shirt, and an open white T-shirt. Pelizon started jumping, perhaps to show her happiness. But, according to many, he should have shown more elegance.

Nikita Belizon in Venice: “Creativity has no limits”

In an interview with TAG24, Nikita explained that she wanted to be in her maxi dress “Festival Theme Past, Present and Future”. In particular, she designed her dress by applying her own drawings to the fabric.

“This is Audrey Hepburn with breakfast at Tiffany’s […] Then there is the Matrix movie that marked the history of cinema, and also Buzz Lightyear and Woody in Toy Story and then we move into the future with this movie. Creativity has no limits, why should I limit it?

It was precisely his desire to show his creativity on the red carpet in Venice, where Giulia Salmi also received some criticism. Today Nikita knows himself “Multi-talent”. ‘Artificial intelligence needs an end’He reads the back of her dress, ie “Artificial intelligence needs limits”.

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