5 types of the latest species coming from Europe

5 types of the latest species coming from Europe

If you are looking for the right shower for you, here are the 5 best types of showers for your bathroom: elegance and intimacy have never been so close.

Rectangular glass shower box


When you have to bathroom furnishingCucumber Shower It is one of the most controversial and at the same time exciting moments. The ability to choose between The best kind of shower It can help you decide, because let’s always remember that this is a placefamiliarityto rediscover ourselves.

In the market, you can find various different models of showers that, according to your space needs and taste, will give the final touch to your home. bathroom furniture. From combinations with bathtub to Enterwe find out Top 5 types of showers for the bathroomwhich will finally be able to immerse you in a file A moment of pleasure, refreshment and relaxation!

Top 5 types of showers for the bathroom
Flat shower cubicle

1. The best type of shower: cabin

Top 5 types of showers for the bathroom
Shower cabin for shower

one of The best kind of shower For the bathroom is undoubtedly the model EnterTRUE The queen of elegance, elegance and refinementarrogantly and swiftly established itself among the best trends in the world the design In terms of bathroom furniture.

that it Open on one or more sides It features translucent glass walls, giving the impression that you are literally walking in the rain (hence the term”Enter“).

you will feel free to move Left and right, a gentle and comfortable jet caress them modern shower.

Especially suitable for narrow spaces and narrow bathrooms, you can combine and install it with the structure A wonderful play of lightReal explosions of color. And so it becomes the bathroom chromatic victoryin line with the most antique trends in color therapy.

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The only drawback: the graphics, which have no walls will be larger than other types of showers. But, given the unique experience, we can say that it is really worth it.

2. The best type of shower: with window

Top 5 types of showers for the bathroom
Shower box with wall window

One of the most popular showers in terms of Design and elegance It is undoubtedly shower with windowSuitable for an upscale environment. It arises from a need, a need To save as much as possible in narrow spaces and make it unique.

As often happens in fashion and design, a great opportunity arises out of need, and here it is shower with window: A furnishing accessory that makes use of natural light. Your bathroom will shine inUnparalleled luminous auraDonation charm and sensuality to the whole place.

Perfect for elegant environmentsAnd modern and refined that wink at vintage veins And normal, thanks View on the garden Or on the balcony that only a shower like this can give you.

3. The best type of shower: Spa model

Top 5 types of showers for the bathroom
bathtub model spa

between The best kind of shower Definitely can’t miss Spa shower modelA small wellness oasis in the heart of your apartment. perfect and wonderful A mixture of technology and relaxation It will transport you between muffled dreams and calm breaths.

The increasingly hectic rhythms of everyday life, based on haste, speed and professional work, are not good for stress, on the contrary, they excite it more and more. to re-level Oxygen and calm At acceptable levels, give yourself a quarter of an hour to yourself.

a’A unique and innovative experienceBetween the sauna-style wooden walls and the soft, straw-flavored fumes. We also recommend installing a file shower effect Hammera real creator of steam. Your skin has never been so shinypurified and gorgeous!

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4. The best type of shower: floor level

Top 5 types of showers for the bathroom
Ground level shower enclosure

The classic model, which never goes out of style, is the model Floor-level showerImpressive union Elegance and practicality. Its versatility has made it a very popular product e Loved by many designers last generation.

Ideal in large and spacious bathrooms, and perfectly combined with bathrooms Modern and contemporary style. Equipped with Perfect waterproofingFits nicely with black and white shaded floors.

true and worthy decorative elementIt can also adapt to relatively narrow spaces, Thanks to Continuity of materials and absence of separation: Added value and space are its greatest advantages.

Free shower model of standard shapesVersatile and adaptable to every need, leaving everyone behind Design Freedom And in the drawing. Tip: Study and implement flawlessly unloading ramps to avoid stagnation.

5. The best type of shower: industrial style

Top 5 types of showers for the bathroom
Industrial style shower cabin

A different option, with a very high aesthetic performance, is Industrial style showerequipped Steel profiles and full-walled glass panels. Exploding into nature, they will add character and liveliness to your bathroom.

It adapts to both iron furniture elements and other materials, on the whole glass: it is exactly there The contrast between lightness and heaviness One of the pillars material industrial style.

special interest in Maintenance work: Since iron is inherently unsuitable for humid environments, a anti-corrosion treatment.

insteadFor parts in contact with water, you can expect to useAluminiumless susceptible to corrosion.

Photo gallery ideas and types of showers

Here are some of the stylish and modern proposals for the best showers available on the market today, to turn your bathroom into an elegant oasis of relaxation!

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