The Russians will pay for it. Ukrainians will not give up the territory »

The Russians will pay for it.  Ukrainians will not give up the territory »

How do Ukrainians see the future?Ukraine? “Fully liberated and reconstituted within the borders of 1991, the year of independence, including Crimea.” And Zelensky? “The president of the war but also the post-war period, firmly in the saddle of his people’s consensus.” and the child? Membership is required for the security umbrella it provides. Reconstruction? “It should be led by the citizens through the mayors, but the Russians must pay through the confiscated assets and direct payments.” Will Kyiv win? “to be sure!”. Stephen Nix, director of the International Republican Institute in Eurasia, the think tank for Reagan and then McCain, is back in Kiev, explaining the numbers of the third poll conducted since the start of the war to the Ukrainian government and parliament. While passing through Rome, Nix was the U.S. rotating physician to the Ukrainian president. Zelensky, he says, still has 91 percent support, not seen in twenty years of political polls. The jump forward in “yes” to NATO entry is also impressive, from 59% in April 2022 to 82% in February 2023. The increase was registered in the East, in the points of contact with the war.

Zelensky tomorrow in Rome: he will meet Mattarella and the Pope, then Meloni. Armored city: no-fly zone and snipers

You lived in Ukraine for three years, how do you feel in Kiev today?

Optimism, positivity. Ukrainians feel lonely. 97% believe in victory. This feeling of loneliness in the face of war is diffuse and independent of geographic area. Disagreements between eastern and western Ukraine have disappeared. Confidence in the armed forces reaches 98%. 93% see a promising future, a figure that hasn’t changed much after a year and two months of war, having fallen by just two points compared to 95 in April 2022. Numbers aside, my wife and I traveled around Kiev: people usually go to work and children go to school. life goes on. Evidence of the steadfastness and strength of the people.

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Do Ukrainians expect more weapons from the West?

“Yes, it’s normal. But the air defense system has been provided. Now the hot topic is the F-16. Upon my return, I will report to Congress, as I have already seen very strong bipartisan support for Ukraine. I am convinced that the United States will continue to help you. There is only a circle.” “A small group of parliamentarians, as small as they are loud, spend their time watching TV or giving interviews to newspapers, raising suspicions about what is being done. I think the US will announce another massive aid package in the fall.”

What will be the final match, according to the Ukrainians?

74% believe that we will return to the 1991 borders, while 8% believe that Crimea is a loser. This is a common forecast. For this reason, I believe that no government can force Kiev to enter into negotiations that the people would not accept. Zelensky could not fail to take this into account. They are fighting for their land, their families and their freedom. They endured murder, torture, rape and death in the field… ».

Who should pay for reconstruction, according to the Ukrainians?

“Not the Americans, not even the Europeans. The Ukrainians expect Russia to pay, either through its foreign assets or direct compensation. In America we have about $30 billion in Russian goods, and you in Europe have more. Just think of Germany and the UK ».

It is relatively easy to freeze assets, not seize them…

“We have been working on this for months, legally. In the end we will find a way… ».

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Who should decide what to rebuild?

«According to the survey, local communities and local elected officials. For example, they have to decide which bridges to rebuild first, in consultation with the national government.”

In which countries do Ukrainians feel the most supported?

“Poland and the United States are at the top of the table. Followed by the United Kingdom. Then Germany, Lithuania and the European Union ».

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