The Rome Planetarium turns 20 and is celebrating with two days of free events

The Rome Planetarium turns 20 and is celebrating with two days of free events

On May 26, 2004, exactly 20 years ago, the Rome Planetarium was inaugurated at the Museum of Roman Civilization in Euro, and activities resumed after a break of more than 20 years, after its transfer from the octagonal hall of the Baths of Diocletian.

The rebirth of the Rome Planetarium not only marked a long-awaited return, but gave impetus to a season of innovation in science communication, which resonated at a national and international level, and which was also recognized by the prestigious dedication of the asteroid (66458). Romaplanetario, by the International Astronomical Union: The planetarium in Rome was the first in the world to have the name officially attributed to an asteroid.

Since then, the planetarium has entered the hearts of Romans, students, tourists and sky lovers. Under the dome of the Planetarium – in its various locations over the course of 20 years of history – 1,007,331 visitors entered it (not counting all the free events), making the Planetarium among the most visited museums in the city, so much so that for several years it remained until it returned to the top ten The first in the most famous Italian science museums.

Roma Capitale celebrates 20 years of planetarium

To celebrate this anniversary, the capital of Rome and the Capitoline Cultural Heritage Supervisory Authority invite all citizens to the Planetarium on May 24 and 26 for two days of special activities with free admission and targeting every segment of the public, according to the programming available on the website. Website:

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It begins on Friday, May 24 at 4 pm with the latest production of the Rome Planetarium: the show “Dome of the Golden Stars” which begins with a verse by Alda Merini that tells the story of the Rome Planetarium in the context of the centenary of the creation of the planets, with the invention of the machine that brought heaven to Earth.

Then, from 5pm to 7pm, there will be a roundtable open to all entitled “The Sky Tells: Twenty Years of Stars and Stories”, with the participation of Vincenzo Fumero (former Director of the Science Museums), Nicoletta Lanciano (La Sapienza University of Rome), Ettore Peruzzi (ASI) and astronomers at the Planetarium in Rome: Gabriele Catanzaro, Stefano Giovanardi, Gianluca Masi. The meeting was moderated by Enrica Batifolia, scientific journalist at ANSA news agency.

On Sunday 26 May, the date of the actual anniversary, surrounded by the “Dome of Golden Stars” display (10 am and 6 pm), two more activities will be organised: in the “Christmas Album”, edited by Stefano Giovanardi, they will be organized Browse and recall the most participatory events Unforgettable history of the Rome Planetarium (11 am and 4 pm) while with Gianluca Masi, who discovered the asteroid Romaplanetario in 1999, you will be able to get to know the asteroid and its history up close thanks to the images that Masi himself acquired over the years (12 noon and 5 pm ).

Participation in the various activities is free, with reservations required through the call center 060608 (open every day from 9:00 to 19:00) until all available places are filled. For this occasion, the Planetarium invites all those who have visited it over the twenty years to send a message to [email protected], telling their experience and sharing the feelings of their visit. And perhaps also express their interest in what they would like to see again in the planetarium on a future visit: the messages received will be copied onto the screen in the museum lobby, and some will be read during the weekend activities.

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