The Role of Protest and War – Il Tempo

The Role of Protest and War – Il Tempo

The Cold War has returned to its fullest extent. Russia has already detained Russian citizen Robert Robertovich Shunov, accused of passing information about the conflict in Ukraine to US diplomats. In fact, the FSB declared in a statement that it had “suppressed the illegal activities of Robert Robertovich Shunov,” at the same time accusing him of being an informant for the US Embassy in Moscow. The alleged spy was an employee of the US consulate in the eastern city of Vladivostok.

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The Russian FSB also revealed that Shunov began providing information about the war in Ukraine and about the military mobilization of Moscow since September 2022. In particular, Shunov was tasked with assessing protest sentiment in Russian regions in light of the upcoming Russian presidential elections. . The alleged spy had tipped off two diplomats from the Political Office of the US Embassy in Moscow, Jeffrey Sellin and David Bernstein, who the FSB would also like to hear from about the issue. A new international conflict and tensions are looming between the two superpowers in the world.

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