Israel orders the evacuation of Gaza City and the displacement of families. Hamas: “Stay.” Missiles at Tel Aviv Airport – News

Israel orders the evacuation of Gaza City and the displacement of families.  Hamas: “Stay.”  Missiles at Tel Aviv Airport – News

The seventh day of the war between Israel and Hamas. Thousands of people left their homes in Gaza City and headed south, following the Israeli army’s warning that the northern Strip would become a military operations zone. It is a walk of no less than 10 kilometers, undertaken by entire families. Whoever does not have means of transportation moves with his luggage on foot.

video Israel orders evacuation, and families leave Gaza City

Doctors and patients will remain in the danger zone, in the absence of ambulances and appropriate solutions to admit the most serious cases to hospitals. Hamas called on residents not to move and described the Israeli army’s announcement as “propaganda.” The United Nations called for the evacuation order to be lifted. The Arab League commented that the “forced transfer” of Gaza’s residents was a “crime.”

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Israel supports the establishment of “safe zones” for civilians in the Gaza Strip in light of the massive ground attack it is preparing to launch. A senior US official told AFP in Doha.

What is happening on the ground?

The war in the Middle East, and the awakening in Gaza

Two of the latest rockets fired by Hamas fell into Gaza SderotAn Israeli citizen near the Gaza Strip. One of these missiles hit a house, but there is no news yet about the casualties. Hamas later claimed responsibility for launching at least 150 rockets Ashkelon. Violent Israeli bombing The Gaza Strip was bombed at night. Israeli forces bombed “750 military targets” last night.

Israel accuses Hamas of using rooftops in Gaza as launching sites for enemy drones.

Israel says it dropped 6,000 bombs weighing 4,000 tons on Hamas targets in Gaza within six days, hitting more than 3,600 targets.

Thirteen hostages, including some foreigners, were killed in the Israeli attacks on Gaza, according to Hamas sources. Clashes occurred between Palestinians and the Israeli army in the West Bank during pro-Gaza demonstrations.

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US Secretary of Defense in Israel

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin arrived in Israel and will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Galant.

During his meeting with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in Amman, Jordanian King Abdullah said that there is an urgent need to establish “humanitarian corridors to Gaza and allow international organizations to operate freely.” Then he stressed the importance of the war not including the West Bank.

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Numbers of displaced people in the Gaza Strip

The Israeli army informed the United Nations of the “transfer”. 1.1 million residents from the north to the south of the Strip within 24 hours. The United Nations calls for the evacuation order to be cancelled.

According to the United Nations, More than 423,000 people were forced to flee their homes in the Gaza Strip. The number of displaced people in this densely populated area, which has a population of 2.3 million, rose from 84,444 people to 423,378 people.

Amnesty International: “Israeli forces are equipped with white phosphorus”

“Amnesty International’s Crisis Evidence Lab has verified that Israeli military units targeting Gaza are equipped with white phosphorus artillery shells.” Written by X Humanitarian Organization. He added: “We are investigating what appears to be the use of white phosphorus in Gaza, including an attack near a beach hotel in Gaza City.”

In addition, Wednesday’s video of one of the Israeli attacks on Gaza appeared to show the use of white phosphorus, a controversial munition that can cause serious harm if used against civilians. The Washington Post reported this, citing an analysis by Human Rights Watch. The video, verified by The Washington Post, shows two artillery shells fired in rapid succession toward targets, which once detonated automatically released white phosphorus.

Hezbollah leader meets Iranian Foreign Minister in Beirut

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian said in Beirut, during his meeting with the leader of Hezbollah, an ally of Hamas, that “the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip must be broken.” Amir Abdullahian stressed that Iran “stands in solidarity with our Palestinian brothers” and that “everything in their power must be done to deliver humanitarian aid” to the residents of the Gaza Strip.

Iran: “Reports about freezing the thawed funds are false”

Iran has denied that the United States and Qatar have reached an agreement that would prevent the Islamic Republic from accessing $6 billion recently released as part of the agreement to release five American prisoners. “The news is devoid of truth,” Iran’s mission to the United Nations said, according to what was reported by the Iranian Islamic Republic News Agency, referring to an article published by the Washington Post, in which it was stated that the decision not to allow access to the United Nations came after the Hamas attack in Israel. The US government realizes it cannot avoid the agreement, according to Tehran’s mission to the United Nations.

video The United States freezes $6 billion allocated to Iran

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