Kate Middleton is publicly influenced and challenges Putin for Ukraine

Kate Middleton is publicly influenced and challenges Putin for Ukraine

Kate Middleton Barely holds tears While visiting the Ukrainian Cultural Center in London with her husband William. The Duchess showed her solidarity with the war-affected population and did not hesitate to send a strong message by appearing in a blue jacket reminiscent of the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Kate Middleton, material support for the Ukrainians

how Letizia from Spain who was wearing a blouse With typical Ukrainian embroidery too Kate Middleton He wanted to express his solidarity with those who suffer from conflict, Putin’s Challenge Through her clothes she is a great communication tool. But even when making a tangible gesture, the Dukes of Cambridge actually brought it in Home SweetsChocolate brownies and granola bars made directly in the kitchens of Kensington Palace, to be served to cultural center guests and the volunteers they meet in person.

Kate is very fond of giving personalized gifts made with her own hands. A gift that has great significance and is usually kept by the people close to her. It is known that, while still betrothed to William, she cheated on Queen Elizabeth by giving her a jar of jam she had made for Christmas.

But returning to visit London, the Dukes of Cambridge have already officially expressed their support for Ukraine e President Zelensky He personally thanked them via social media for that. The bond between his country and Britain is very strong and was expressed in the long unanimous applause which the English Parliament reserved for him.

Kate Middleton, the look message

Kate appeared at the cultural center with blue cashmere sweaterLike the flag of Ukraine, signed Alexander McQueen Navy Jigsaw wide leg pants and Emmy London block heels. Even the jewelry pared back to a minimum, Diana’s inseparable ring and gold stud earrings. Both dukes wore brooches in Ukrainian colors.

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Kate Middleton moved

The discreet community respects the mission of Ms. Middleton who, along with William, has met volunteers who are involved in helping refugees and sending food and medicine to those who remain in Ukraine. listen to their stories, Kate moved With difficulty, she was able to hold back her tears. This public display of feelings is very rare in the Duchess who prefers to always appear on dates with a smile, never letting her true feelings seep out. Kate can barely talk while The Duke reiterated his support: “It is strange to see a conflict in Europe. We are all with you.”

Kate Middleton William

Kate Middleton and William visit the Ukrainian Center

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