Launch challenge for Naples

Launch challenge for Naples

The first part of the season ended with Naples leading the league, eight more since Milan to me. When the tournament resumes, the Azzurri will immediately be involved in a big match: men Spalletti they will faceInter to me San Siro.

Calhanoglu holds his team: “We want to win with Napoli”

After the 6-1 victory over Al Jazira in a friendly match, in which the Inter midfielder scored a goal, Hakan CalhanogluSpeak into the microphones of the Nerazzurri’s official website. Here are his sayings:

Hakan Calhanoglu (Photo by Miguel Medina/AFP) (Photo by Miguel Medina/AFP via Getty Images)

“Hopefully I can score a goal like that in the league too, I’m preparing for that. These weeks we rested physically and mentally. Now we want to prepare well here in Malta because on Wednesday we play against Salzburg and it’s a very strong team. We want to improve even if today was a good race.” For us, we did well, but in the next few weeks it will be important to work out where we went wrong in the first three months of the tournament. With Napoli we want to win“.

Bellanova warns Napoli: “We will try to prepare for the match”

During the post-match friendly against Al Jazira, he spoke into microphones TuttoMercatoWeb Raul BellanovaYoung defensive wingerInter He uploaded his own file in light of the match against Napoli, and the following are his statements:

Raoul Bellanova (Photo by Alexander Hasenstein/Getty Images)

“It was very important that we start in the best way, and we have to prepare for the season to resume. We have a core game that can define the seasonWe try to give 100% in training and friendly matches, and we’ll see how we get to this match.”

How do we witness the pause?
“Since we are living it, everyone is doing it, so we don’t have to have excuses. We just need to train at 100% and see how we recover in the league.”

What do you expect from the second half of the tournament?
“I don’t expect any second part of the season, I try to give 100% as I do in training and be ready when the coach doubts me.”

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