January 29, 2023

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Claudio D’Alessio: Age, Daughter, Girlfriend, Job and Height

Claudio D’Alessio is the eldest son of the famous Neapolitan singer Gigi D’Alessio. Unlike his father, he did not choose a career in the world of music and is a businessman. He has a great passion for traveling the world and an excellent relationship with his father, Gigi.

The life of Claudio D’Alessio

Claudio was born in 1986 from a relationship between his father, Gigi, and his ex-wife Carmella Barbato. Claudio also has a sister, Ilaria, born in 1994, and a brother, Luca, born in 2003. Then the marriage between Gigi Di Alessio and Barbato broke up and the famous singer began an affair with Anna Tantangelo who bore him a fourth son, Andrea.

Claudio D’Alessio speeches

The Neapolitan businessman has a partner Josie Le Conte. In the past he had several significant flirtations including those with Christina Puccino and Nicole Minniti. Josie Lo Conte is a dancer who has participated in many radio shows including “The Best Years” and “The Tale and What Shows”.

Claudio D’Alessio is the eldest son of the famous Neapolitan singer Gigi Di Alessio.

Daughter of Claudio D’Alessio

The The eldest son By Gigi D’Alessio At just 20 years old he gave birth to his first daughter, Noemi. Then his new partner Jose Le Conte bore him two children: Sofia in 2020 and Gisele in 2021.

Claudio D’Alessio’s work

As we have already said, Claudio did not follow in his father’s footsteps, and therefore did not venture into the world of music. On the contrary, he decided from a young age to bet everything on his own brand that he created immediately afterwards. Get a diploma. Later he sold his brand and reaped many benefits from this sale. Claudio currently works in the sports and wellness sectors.

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Claudio D’Alessio’s height

We do not have data related toClaudio’s height But we can say that he cares so much about his physical shape that he goes to the gym quite often. She also has many tattoos all over her body which she loves to flaunt on her social media profiles.

Claudio D’Alessio: Social Connections

Claudio D’Alessio’s Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/playa.nevada

Claudio D’Alessio Instagram page is: https://www.instagram.com/claudionedalessio/

There is currently no official TikTok page yet.