The Prosecutor of the Supreme Court refuses to investigate Carles Puigdemont and the Democratic Tsunami on charges of terrorism

The Prosecutor of the Supreme Court refuses to investigate Carles Puigdemont and the Democratic Tsunami on charges of terrorism

BarcelonaFirst it was the Office of the Public Prosecutor of the National Court and now it is the Office of the Supreme Court. Prosecutor Alvaro Redondo, who is responsible for preparing the report, opposes the investigation of former President Carles Puigdemont and the ten defendants in the Democratic Tsunami case on charges of terrorism, as previously mentioned. Confidentiality Sources from the Public Ministry confirmed to ARA on Sunday. In a letter that must be approved by the Council of Prosecutors, Redondo argues that the riot that occurred during the mobilization that followed the ruling constitutes a crime of disturbing public order – included in the pardon – and not a crime of terrorism, contrary to what the coach of the National Court, Manuel García Castellon, asserts. The judge had asked the Supreme Court to take over the investigation because Puigdemont, as a member of the European Parliament, is a member of it.

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The Supreme Court's Board of Prosecutors will consider Redondo's report on Tuesday and determine the parameters by which it will be defended before the Supreme Court's Criminal Division, which will make the final decision on whether to take over the investigation. However, the Public Ministry also appealed to the National Court against García Castellón's decision to investigate the democratic tsunami mobilization as an act of terrorism, and requested that the case be returned to the Barcelona courts. He does not see terrorism in this and has previously criticized García Castellón's attempt to link the death of a French tourist from a heart attack to the supposed promoters of the tsunami.

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García Castellón, who this week extended the investigation for another six months, considers the Democratic Tsunami to be an “organized and hierarchical organization” whose goal was “to subvert the constitutional order, destabilize the state economically and politically, and seriously alter the public order.” . In addition to Puigdemont, Esquerra Party Secretary General Marta Rovira and ERC MP Ruben Wagensberg – who is now in Switzerland to prepare his defense – are being investigated in this case, among others. One of the judge's latest moves was to try to hold the platform responsible for events during Felipe VI's visit to Catalonia.

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