The promo is back in Italy with Series S –

The promo is back in Italy with Series S –

French fries Pringles They come back to give Xbox Game Pass Also in Italy, with a new promotion that also includes the possibility Win an Xbox Series S. In a limited edition, they are all associated with the purchase of the famous “pipes” of Pringles.

Buy any tube of Pringles Crisps from April 11, 2022 through October 2022, and get one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate FreeWhile the second phase of the promotion also includes entering a contest to win a themed Xbox Series S, featuring a special red color that also includes the related console.

Pringles and Xbox, a new competition in Italy

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can only be accessed for one month free for everyone and the offer is only for those who haven’t already signed up for the service or haven’t participated in the past, so it’s Valid only for new subscribers for Microsoft service.

The second stage of the competition, as described in specific listrequires you to register for a Kellogg account or sign in with the account we already registered with and enter an image of your purchase receipt, as well as the 19-digit code indicating the quantity displayed under the Pringles tube, to be able to enter the contest to win an Xbox Series S or Control unit.

This is not the first time that this collaboration has taken place, even in Italy: previously, the offer was valid for a week of Xbox Game Pass, and in this case the proposal is even richer, even if the fact that it is intended exclusively for new subscribers can somewhat limit of use.

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