April 1, 2023

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Putin after meeting with Lukashenko: “Westerners wanted to put us in crisis with sanctions, but they will pay”

No fear by Russian President Vladimir Putin Western sanctions may embarrass Russia in some way. At the end of ceremony To the Vostochny spaceport in the Amur region, with the President of Belarus Alexander LukashenkoPutin launched a series of accusations and paradoxes against European Union countries and the United States, as he combats the effects of sanctions against Moscow: “When people collide over gasoline prices and unprecedented inflation, this will translate into internal political problems for them. While they wanted this to translate into internal political problems for Russia.” In an increasingly complex scenario from an economic point of view, Putin is sure that there is no need to fear the repercussions: “In difficult circumstances, Russia always gets away with it, while problems with them are inevitable. It will not be easy, but we will succeed. ” Putin described the news as “fake”. Boca massacresin Ukraine, compare it with pictures – even specific pictures forged The spread of Syria and Afghanistan in previous years. The Russian president said that the Ukrainians “have pushed the negotiations to a dead end,” stressing that the military operation is proceeding according to plan and that it “will continue until acceptable conditions are met.” The Russian president then criticized Europe, which preferred to be “dominated” by the United States rather than looking to the East: “They are ashamed to say that they are slapped by the United States. They come together comfortably around the concept of Russian aggression and thus serve the United States ».

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