The presence of women in the management of Catalan companies is declining

The presence of women in the management of Catalan companies is declining

the Women hold fewer management positions In Catalonia four years ago. A report published by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce on Monday shows that Only 33% of management positions in private and public companies will be held by women in 2023, By 36% in 2021 and 2022, or 39% in 2020, a decrease of six points in four years in exchange for increased training for females compared to men. The salary gap in Catalan managerial positions remains stable at 20.6%.

The Chamber’s report confirms that “labor market inequality has remained stagnant in the past eight years, although… Women are increasingly educated compared to men“He shows interest in the little progress in the technological sector, which is one of the highest paying and at the same time most predictable sectors for women.

Education and school failure

The report analyzes gender differences in several aspects, and the conclusions are not very favourable. compared to 2015, Women outperform men in all areas of training With the exception of registrations in technological fields, on the other hand, they are worse than men in all aspects of work, not always with a significant improvement since 2015, and even in some aspects they are worse.

Progress towards equalityWhich was fast in its beginnings, Recession in the last eight years As most indicators show,” lamented the director Women Business Economics Observatory (ODEE), Carme Poveda, who conducted a study consisting of five blocks (training, labor market, ICT and R&D sector, living conditions and empowerment) that gives a complete view of the position of women in the economy and society in Catalonia. “Women have a higher level of education Of men (58% of total university degrees) and Young girls have less school failure (12% versus 15.8% for men), but this high level of training has not translated into a significant reduction in inequality in the labor market,” Poveda noted.

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Director of the Observatory of Doña Empresa Economia (ODEE), Carme Poveda

Pay gap

“Women still experience a significant hourly wage gap (13% in 2021) and sign the majority of contracts in Part time (72% of last year’s total),” emphasized the Director of the Performance Monitoring Office, who wanted to explain this 13% salary gap. “There are many factors, but three can be highlighted: Women in low-paid sectors (services, health, care, education), There are fewer women in positions of responsibility that day – Persistent sexism“, reflected Poveda. “In the last eight years, the reduction of inequality in the labor market has slowed compared to the previous decade,” insisted the Director of the Office of Economic and Social Development.

In the corporate field, from ODEE they have highlighted A 6% decrease in the number of women in management positions (in the public and private sectors), a percentage that rose from 39% in 2020 to 33% in 2023 in Catalonia. Regarding the presence of women in the boards of directors, presidencies and secretaries-general of the 11 institutions most representative of the Catalan economy, 125 women versus 295 men were identifiedThis means that women represent 30%, which is a low percentage, but higher than the 17% they represented in 2017.

Finally, Poveda criticized it in In the university world, empowerment lags far behind. “Only 25% of professorships are held by women, slightly higher than 21% in 2015. This underrepresentation is being corrected very slowly and renewal should be encouraged by reviewing the maximum retirement age and applying criteria that take maternity into account,” she concluded. Boveda.

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