Protecting Kim’s photos. The Storm is Coming: What’s Happening in North Korea

Protecting Kim’s photos.  The Storm is Coming: What’s Happening in North Korea

My countrymen north korea You must do everything possible to protect photo From the Kim dynasty of the impending tropical storm that is about to hit the country. This is the advice given by the major local newspaper Rodong Sinmonsince it is more important for the North Korean population to focus on how to “ensure the safety” of the cadres, and more generally, all the propaganda of the Kim family.

What is happening in North Korea

North Korea is preparing for heavy rains and strong winds caused by Storm Khanon Equatorial. People are asked to protect pictures of the current leader, Kim Jong-un, pictures of his father Kim Jong-il, and pictures of his grandfather and founder of the country, Kim Il-sung. Rodong Sinmun himself also urged citizens to protect the plethora of statues, mosaics, murals and other monuments of the Kim dynasty, which has ruled since 1948, the year the nation was founded.

Experts believe that Khanun, which made landfall on the Korean Peninsula last Thursday, should move north from here in the next few hours. Natural disasters can have a devastating impact on Pyongyang, given the poor infrastructure, particularly in the rural and peripheral areas of the country. Remember, Khan has already caused floods and landslides in South Korea, with one death reported and more than 16,000 people forced to evacuate their homes in high-risk areas.

Pyongyang’s response

North Korean government news agency KCN extension He explained that “all sectors and units” in the country are “launching a dynamic campaign to deal with a catastrophic anomaly”. The media highlighted “warnings of strong winds, rain, storms and tides”.

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The order to protect Kim’s portraits highlights the importance the North Korean government places on its leaders: a Kim Jong Un, of course, but also for those in the past. Remember, portraits of Kim Jong-il and Kim Il-sung decorate every home and office in the country. “Let’s not forget that North Korea is, among other things, a theocracyhe told the website nk news Andrey Lankov is a professor at Kookmin University.

These statues and images are not just symbols, they are sacred religious symbols, and they are basically icons. From time immemorial, every religion has expected its believers to be willing to die – or at least to suffer – to save holy icons.“, he added.

Kim moves

North Korean state media said members of the military and ruling party had been ordered to prepare measures to mitigate floods and save crops. The storm could hit Pyongyang. Everyone in North Korea is holding their breath.

Meanwhile, Kim ordered a major change in the leadership of the North Korean military, dismissing the Chief of Staff of the National Armed Forces, Pak Su, and replacing him with Vice Marshal Ri Yong Gil, just seven months after he was given the job.

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