June 6, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Author Paul Auster’s son has been accused of killing his daughter, who died of an overdose at the age of ten months

Overdose in ten months. A mixture of fentanyl and heroin were killed in New York last November Ruby OsterThe writer’s nephew Paul Auster. It came before The New York Times. child’s father Daniel OsterPolice said, 44, charged with his death.

The girl was found unconscious on November 1 at a home on Bergen Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and pronounced dead in hospital. According to the police, citing the New York Daily, the medical examiner’s office later established that she had died of “acute intoxication” from drugs. Auster was charged with manslaughter and taken to the public prosecutor’s office.

Twenty-six-year-old son of an author New York Trilogy He was involved in the infamous murder case he witnessed Michael AllegHe murdered his partner, the drug dealer Andrew Melendez Then throw the body into the Hudson River. Auster later claimed that he stole $3,000 from Melendez and was given probation.

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