The operator that shuts down the network is still

The operator that shuts down the network is still

After those of many other telephone operators, Vodafone, TIM and the respective virtual operators, it is now up to the customers of Fastweb Receive news that (for a while) has been in the air. In fact, the phone company has begun communicating with some of its mobile network customers that things are about to change, due to the 3G shutdown.

The imminent shutdown of 3G technology will hit Fastweb mobile network customers who depend on it TIME network. The turn off The 3rd generation standard, in favor of 4G, originates from the growth of 5G, which reveals itself Faster than seen in recent years for 3G and 4G networks. A few hours ago, the mobile operator published the note regarding turning off 3G for TIM: TIM from April 2022 It will continue the gradual shutdown of 3G throughout Italy, including also for Fastweb customers who rely on TIM. This operator tracks the fate of users of Kena, Vianova Mobile, Tiscali and CoopVoce, all virtual telephone operators that rely on TIM networks.

What does Fastweb say about Switch off

Fastweb’s decision starts from the assumption that to make way for 5G repeaters, the standard that now provides higher connection speeds, it is necessary to turn off other networks so they do not exceed the emissions limits of Electromagnetic waves.

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For this Fastweb, “To enhance a better experience with next generation servicesThe gradual shutdown of the 3G mobile network will begin From April 2022 to June 2022. Standard, the telephone operator announced in the official note “It will be replaced by the highest performing networks in 4G or 5G technology where available“.

What is changing for Fastweb users?

The company reassures its users, stating that everyone who uses a Fastweb SIM (TIM-based) with extension 3G phone It will still be able to make calls and send SMS (since in these cases We depend on 2G). In contrast, the company claims that the user may encounter problems while browsing the Internet.

Customers who have a device with them 4G and without VoLTE (The system that allows you to make calls on the LTE network), on the other hand, they will be able to surf the Internet over the 4G network but during calls (since there is no 3G and no VoLTE). It will use 2G and won’t be able to surf the web during phone calls. The company says that those who have a VoLTE-enabled smartphone will have no problems at all.

Finally, the operator is advised to consider Device replacement Not compatible with new mobile network technologies with the latest generation devices.

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