Amazon Echo Show 15, the Alexa-linked framework for the first time – Hi-tech

After pre-orders at the end of January, Amazon is bringing the Echo Show 15, the largest Alexa-connected device in the group, to Italy. With a 15.6-inch screen, essentially the size of a laptop, the Echo Show 15 is positioned as a piece of furniture, as well as a useful tool for getting information, watching TV series, controlling your professional and private life through notifications for connected objects and much more. The Echo Show 15, on sale at €249.99, enables a personalized user experience with visual identity technology. This translates to being able to recognize the people in front of the board, to show everyone the information they consider most useful, from the weather to appointments in the diary.

Each image that is used to create a visual ID profile is encrypted and stored on the device, with data that can be deleted at any time. The Echo Show 15 can also be seamlessly integrated into the environment thanks to the Photo Frame feature, which turns the screen into a full-screen frame, displaying the best photos from albums from Amazon Photos, or pre-loaded photos and graphics with an artistic, natural, or theme. Theme. a trip. On the speakerphone with the screen, Amazon has also integrated the input of UI elements, as happens in smartphones, to quickly access your favorite applications.

For example, there is a device dedicated to smart home devices, if it is supported by Alexa. Alternatively, Picture-in-Picture allows you to watch your favorite series and at the same time keep an eye on the nursery or other environments where the webcams are located. The Echo Show 15 is designed with many privacy protection elements, including a button to turn off microphones and the camera, a built-in camera cover, and the ability to view and delete audio recordings.

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