The one who got screwed up – Libero Quotidiano

The one who got screwed up – Libero Quotidiano
Claudius Saveli

Fifty-four days of abstinence since then championship Almost every soccer team has produced a generous dose of testosterone. They all had a damned desire to play, attack and score goals to the point of forgetting the basics of the defensive phase – the clearest example being Atalanta who were forced back to Spezia. The exception is Inter, who didn’t care much about their goal before Napoli, given their 22 goals conceded in their first 15 matches. scourge. Although spurred on by the impressive roar of a sold-out Meazza, the Nerazzurri begin the challenge with leaders who follow a wise script: wait, study and understand, before turning on the gas. Lukaku is finally on the field (he has not been in the starting line-up since August 26), so the team can be moved away from the attack and get there with a few slingshots: in short, less effort, due to the infinite blocking The qualitative formulation of the leaders wants constant oxygen. strategy My mood, although it is not very inzaghista, it works. Napoli maneuvers, Inter produces chances: first Dimarco, then Darmian and finally Lukaku appear in front of Merritt and waste.

It’s not a defense or a counter attack because Inter build up measures from below when they can. The difference is that it takes direct routes, without circumventing the opponent. In fact, checkmate comes in just three moves: Mkhitaryan opens in front of Dimarco, who draws Dzeko those bags. Fast, fleeting and untenable. Napoli lose and for the first time prove they are weak. Now it would be necessary to understand the reaction: she was the only one who had not yet experienced difficulty. Inter, on the other hand, had its season and the season of all its neighbors: returning is difficult, but possible.

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there Rome He defends himself after 1-0 at the start because he doesn’t know how to attack. The impression is that his fans, once sobered up by Mourinho’s arrival and success, are not enjoying themselves except for the plays of Dybala and Pellegrini, the two players on whom every yellow-red attacking movement depends. It is similar to the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAllegri, whose team, unsurprisingly, turned out the same way: 1-0 in Cremonese, always from a set-piece (Milik from a free-kick) he scores only at the end and not at the beginning. Ironically, without the men the coach calls “bosses”, ie Di Maria and Paredes, the team would win. Convincing Milan, the top players were better off returning if the Salerno game ended after an hour of play. The Rossoneri needed the break above all to dust off some crucial players, chief among them Tonali. The problem is that there are always too many injured players (8 this time) and the blanket is short for Pioli: whoever gets in, lowers the bar. Hence the last ugly, tiring and painful half hour. This is what Lazio suffers from, after removing Milinkovic-Savic, emptying and gathering back from Lecce tame so far. Just one day and the arrangement changes face. The Champions League four are in front, and the others are behind. And Napoli is the closest to the championship at all.

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