He was there for 2-3 days

There was a naked man Trapped For a period of 2 to 3 days within the walls of a theater in the United States, more precisely in the state of Syracuse New York. On Friday 5 November 2021, local firefighters intervened after being warned by a statement that cries for help and noises coming from the wall were clearly heard. Thus, the rescue team who arrived at the scene, cut down the walls, rescued the person and admitted him to the hospital.

On the Syracuse Fire Department Facebook page, we read the following: “That person, an adult male, is believed to have entered the theater 2-3 days ago. It is not clear how he approached the area behind the wall.. The victim would have remained the same based on the reconstructions carried out so far Trapped in a crawling spot For at least two days, director Mike Indaclita, in an interview with local online newspaper Syracuse.com, said he saw the man wandering into the building earlier this week and thought he had entered to search. Give some heat, outdoor temperature, or use the bathroom.

The man stuck to the wall of the theater: “We thought he was going to warm up …”

This story is undoubtedly unbelievable because, as yet documented by Syracuse.com, the workers Theater The man who saw him wandering around for convenience said he had lost sight of him at one point, believing he was gone as a result.

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Testimony of John Kane, Vice President of the Syracuse Fire Brigade who confirmed the information we said: The man was trapped in the theater’s crawl area for 48 hours or more after falling into the wall of the men’s bathroom. According to a poster, cited by investigators, he suffers from a mental illness. He will not be charged and his personal details will not be released.

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