The new SUV has already been sold in Italy

The new SUV has already been sold in Italy

the first smart SUV Already sold out even before reaching the dealerships: a little after the opening of exclusive reservations Smart Launch Edition #1, the number of orders has already exceeded the units available for the Italian market. The Limited Series that brought the smart revolution to the roads of the Old Continent was launched with only 1,000 units sold, of which 150 are intended for Italy.

Smart #1: Out of stock in a month

The limited edition of the first smart SUV is finished sold out within a month: New Smart #1 sales will officially open from September only, and those booked in these weeks – exclusive 150 examples of release version Destined for Italy – they will be the first cars to be delivered in our country.

The first smart SUV will arrive on Italian roads from January 2023, and it seems to have captured the hearts of smart customers: 6 out of 10 requests They come from motorists who have already appreciated and come to know small smart cars, in many cases from ForTwo owners. This is a success based on the excellent reputation of the German brand, which confirms the confidence of intelligent customers in the brand, which after 24 years speaks of an ever stronger bond with Italian customers.

He says, “The launch edition booking slots sold out within a week.” Lucio TropeaCEO of Smart Italia Srl. In addition to a large number of reservations, there is also a “wish list” for additional potential clients, Tropea explains.
Geographical distribution of the first lucky buyers of Smart #1 follows the geographical distribution that has seen the success of the now legendary smart city car, especially loved in major cities. Promising welcome to 100% electric SUV is the new smart cycle However, it crosses the entire peninsula, with reservations from Bolzano to Catania.

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check on trust

“Smart is a brand that has earned its reputation for innovation, sustainability and unique style in the premium market day by day for the past 24 years,” said the CEO of the Italian Brand Team. The 173 reservations It already made it to the Smart #1 Launch Edition – which was presented in global preview less than three months ago – which is a symptom of a solid reputation, built over time: “173 racers who have only seen the car through media and have Chosen based on trustTropea explains.

But the Smart #1, the home’s first SUV, is too The model that characterizes the new intelligent DNA: It is a mature car with a beautiful design and it is according to Jordan Wagner, Chief Design Officer at Mercedes-Benz AG “Embosses true beauty through smart solutions” and has the potential to make Smart a leading design brand. Thus, not only will the old smarts be able to appreciate the 100% electric compact SUV: the new #1 smart car is the one in which you want to win the trust of drivers who do not yet know the experience that the manufacturer offers.

smart revolution

During the show in Berlin, Dirk EdelmanCEO of Smart Europe GmbH, said the new Smart #1 “is not only an icon of our new smart approach to mobility, but also… The essence of all the things we will do in the futureNew design, new technologies and an approach that looks to the future of urban mobility: SMART #1 has the character of pioneering cars that have set a new course in the brand’s history.

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DelForTwo creator Compact dimensions remain: the smart SUV 4270 mm long onlyIt has a wheelbase of 2750 mm and a maximum capacity of 411 liters. The future of smart technologies takes the form ofArtificial intelligenceSmart #1 is the brand’s first vehicle to offer a voice-controlled Smart Selfie as a driving assistant, linked to its Smart ID on the cloud.

Smart #1 will officially enter the smart menu Starting in September: Those not included in the 150 lucky buyers of the limited-release version will be able to return soon, taking the smart electric revolution on the road starting in 2023.

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