The new spokeswoman for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is Amnesty International

The new spokeswoman for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is Amnesty International

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has one New speaker Very unconventional. So much so that he’s actually not even a human person, but an avatar created using artificial intelligence (AI). Baptized as Victoria She It was introduced this week and from the Executive this has been highlighted It is “the first time in history” that artificial intelligence has played such a role. However, it has been determined that Xi’s statements were not caused by this technology, but “Written and verified by real people.”

“It’s only the visible part that AI helps us produce,” explained Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s foreign minister, according to The Guardian. The new spokeswoman is considered “a technological leap that no diplomatic service in the world has achieved so far.” The main reason behind its creation was to “save time and resources” for diplomats, as Kuleba explained. Shi’s creators are a team called Game Changers who have also created virtual reality content related to the war in Ukraine.

Shi’s appearance and voice are based on a real person: Rosalie’s namea singer and former contestant on the Ukrainian version of the reality show BSC. Nombre was born in the now Russian-controlled city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. The Foreign Ministry stated that Nombre participated pro bono in the creation of Xi and stressed that it should be taken into account that “they are two different people.”

Risk of forgery

Wouldn’t an AI-generated spokesperson be more easily impersonated? It is a risk that the Ukrainian executive had in mind and thought of a possible solution. To prevent forgery, the statements will be accompanied by a QR code that links them to the text copies on the ministry’s website. Whether this measure will be enough to prevent this AI’s image from being used for misinformation remains to be seen.

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