The new image shows a region of rising stars

The new image shows a region of rising stars

Exactly one year ago, the James Webb Space Telescope amazed the world by showing its potential through the first scientific images. On April 12, 2022, NASA released infrared images of the first five targets, and it could have been just the beginning of the data collection that will provide work for astronomers and astrophysicists for many years to come.

To celebrate the end of the first year of science, NASA announced that they would be sharing a new photo, and they’ve been true to their word. This is not just an image, but infrared processing that has never been seen with such clarity. It comes with an extension A star-forming region known as Rho Ophiuchi, located 390 light-years from Earth In fact, the closest to us among areas of this kind. We give it to go on, and then we’ll talk about it better because there are too many details to describe.

The infrared image shows in detail which area It contains about fifty young stars It has roughly the same mass as our Sun. The darkest regions in the image are those where the dust is most dense and where protostars are still forming.

The regions in red delineate the giant jets of molecular hydrogen They are visible vertically on the right and in the upper part of the image. Their formation is remarkable considering that they appear when a star first explodes through its envelope of cosmic dust, shooting a pair of opposing jets into space. NASA uses a poetic parallel to define them, saying they act Like a newborn baby stretching its arms out into the world for the first time..

In the middle of the lower half of the image we see the star S1, which was able to excavate a real cave in the dust. It is also the only star in the picture that is much larger than our Sun.

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Anyone wishing to download a high-resolution image (12778 x 11968 in PNG format weighing 135.00MB) can do so from the link in SOURCE.

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