Python swallows a five-foot-tall creature alive

Python swallows a five-foot-tall creature alive

Wildlife expert and US geologist Rosie Moore recently released an amazing video about a snake.

Snake swallows an object whole (video screenshot) –

Rosie Moore She is an expert at WildlifeMainly specialized in long creepers, who recently made headlines for her speed-posting videos. One of his recent and controversial segments is starring Burmese snake Almost five and a half meters.

The great reptilian is dead and is being sifted, so to speak, by a group of acting scientists corpse dissectionTo make it clear what happened to the animal and what it swallowed. In fact, it is immediately apparent that the animal has swallowed Something very big.

What this big snake swallowed: an autopsy

Researcher Rosie Moore is a social media star (screenshot from Instagram) –

This is nothing new: this type of reptile is used to swallowing large objects Particularly shocking is the moment that A woman was swallowed by a 7-meter snake. In this case, an autopsy is performed on Florida lab He unleashed a terror that left the scientists in awe.

They made a strange discovery after sensing a large object inside the snake: they immediately realized that something was wrong. when they have it I acted with a scalpelIt was especially surprising for them horrifying And it is only through a strong stomach that they manage to maintain the composure that occurs in these extreme situations.

In her video, Moore explains that the Burmese python (its scientific name is Python molurus bivittatus) can grow to over six meters and is apparently capable, like many reptiles, of Swallowing things or objects up to a certain size.

Rosie Moore with a baby crocodile (screenshot from Instagram) –

“The Burmese python should be exterminated in Florida,” Rosie Moore explains in the video. “This python was euthanized by those who found it and turned over to a research laboratory for autopsy and scientific specimen collection.” These large reptiles have invaded environmentally endangered areas Like the Everglades National Park, the expert said, it is effectively taking hold where it shouldn’t be.

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The crocodile is found in the stomach of a large snake

This is due toSubtropical environment From South Florida, but also in Adaptability That these large reptiles managed to evolve over time. These are carnivorous reptiles, which have My diet It consists mainly of birds and small mammals. For this reason, the autopsy result of this huge reptile didn’t really surprise anyone.

The Florida scientists who performed the autopsy came to light, Rosie Moore explained Crocodile one and a half meters long Which is now clearly dead, but at the same time it was still very unusual Connected. A shocking find, but at the same time very suggestive for those who intend to study these large reptiles.

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