The new BMW storms the market: with this version you will pay almost 20 thousand euros less, and this will be the rage in Italy

The new BMW storms the market: with this version you will pay almost 20 thousand euros less, and this will be the rage in Italy

BMW is further imposing itself in the market and doing so with a dream model that is now at an affordable price.

Development in recent years of BMW It's there for all to see, especially when it comes to new engines, with the Bavarian company increasingly keen on creating models that are not only electric, but also hydrogen. In fact, the German giant has no intention of limiting production to electric cars only, but is aiming for a range that can be as wide as possible.

Here is the new BMW that everyone dreams of (Canva –

Furthermore it BMW It's now one of the main facts of motorsport too, just think of how two excellent hypercars have brought it to life wrt team, Even if the first race in Qatar did not go well, GT3 cars were always present in the World Endurance Championship, and also signed a legend like Valentino Rossi.

In this category, our dream was to reach the podium throughout the 10 hours of racing, but in the end, even a final fourth place can be satisfying. there BMW It is therefore trying to place its name in an increasingly convincing way in the reality of racing and at the same time not forgetting to improve its range.

Among the most popular models are those in the X range and in 2024 there are important changes regarding X2. So this will be a year of changes and improvements, as this version is now close to establishing itself in the market not only for its excellent qualities, but also for its exceptional cost.

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BMW X2: this is how it will be in 2024

the new X2 It falls under BMW's SUV range and the first aspect that has changed compared to the past is its dimensions. In fact, the X2 is 455 cm long, 184 cm wide and 160 cm high, allowing for more comfort inside.

BMW X2 (BMW Press Media –

The design is very modern on the inside, while the dashboard is more of a traditional style. One must not forget Digital dashboardwith the only drawback perhaps being linked to a desire for excessive novelty, with graphics that see a great deal of work behind them, but can sometimes make readability difficult.

We are faced with an unusually high-performance model, so much so that it shows itself with an engine which in the basic version is a 4-cylinder with a displacement of 2000 and is able to provide maximum power 170 hp, At a cost of 44,800 euros. Great attention is also being paid to electrification, in fact the plug-in model was born, with the version in question being all-wheel drive and capable of delivering a maximum of 300 hp, with a cost 63,100 euros.

In addition, it will also be possible to get your hands on it iX2, That is, the fully electric version. In this case, the powertrain is capable of delivering a maximum power of 313 hp, with the battery allowing it to reach peak autonomous driving of 449 kilometres. there BMW X2 So the appearance is being redesigned and with these improvements there will definitely be no shortage of potential buyers.

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