Drought continues and will become more common

Drought continues and will become more common

What are these indicators? Climate and water resources. On the one hand, Climate indicators They show us the level of precipitation. Last year, March and September were the hottest months More rainfall deficitless than 50% of normal.

As for Water resources indicatorsin 2023 the river flow was Throughout the year below from the reference point. We carry 24 months of droughtAlthough the current situation is improving. In May, Andorra was on the verge of reaching severe drought levels.

toAndorra Research and Innovation I point out that this will go further, with “More rings, longer and more intense“, according to AR+I Sustainability Coordinator Oriol Travesset.

The executive is betting on creating one work table In which all actors participated, incl commoncan be defined as: the news With measurements Based on objective data. They will also ramp up Campaigns in the tourism sector. “New Water Law” explains the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Guillem Casal “It will also be a good tool to educate large consumers about this situation.”

The government will make one Monthly follow-up Data, and then make it available to the public. Remember that water a Scarce resources Responsible consumption must be done.

information: Karen Jakosana
Photos: Perry Bisoli

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