The Israeli Army: Gaza City is besieged and the Strip is divided into two parts – News

The Israeli Army: Gaza City is besieged and the Strip is divided into two parts – News

The war has reached a new, more intense phase: the Israeli army has announced that Gaza City is completely surrounded, and that as soon as the troops enter the city, there may be a raid on Al-Shifa Hospital, the main hospital in the Strip, where, according to the Jewish state’s intelligence, senior Hamas leaders are hiding. Military spokesman Daniel Hagari said after a day of heavy bombardment, “The sector is now divided into two sectors: the north and the south.”

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A day that began with another massacre: an Israeli bombing of the Maghazi refugee camp in the middle of the Gaza Strip, killing at least 45 people, according to the health authorities affiliated with the Hamas movement, who updated the number to 9,770 (4,800 minors) – the number of deaths in Gaza since Israel began targeting the Gaza Strip.

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Under the constant barrage of bombs, Gaza became isolated again: all telephone and Internet communications were cut off again, while Hamas spoke of “intense Israeli bombing” near hospitals in the Strip. Gaza City is particularly affected, and to the north, Tal al-Hawa, al-Zaytoun, al-Shuja’iya, al-Basra, al-Rimal, al-Nasr, and al-Karama are affected. But Hamas did not stand still: while the sirens sounded, a powerful barrage of rockets was launched from the Strip towards Tel Aviv and throughout the central region of Israel. Powerful explosions occurred in the air, as a result of the Iron Dome interception. There were no injuries. Meanwhile, the situation in the north also remains very tense with a new exchange of fire with Hezbollah: an Israeli drone hit a car, killing three young girls and their aunt in southern Lebanon, while Hezbollah responded with an anti-tank missile. A missile was fired at Kibbutz Yiftach, killing a civilian.

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Israeli Chief of Staff Herzi Halevy warned: “We are ready at any moment to launch an attack in the north,” while Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah announced a new speech next Saturday. To indicate how impossible it is to talk about peace at the moment, there is also the disturbing statement of Jewish Traditions Minister Amichai Eliyahu that he referred to a nuclear bomb on Gaza as “one possibility,” even if one’s life is at stake. 240 Israeli hostages because “wars have their costs.” The storm was immediate: “Eliyahu’s words are obscene and far from reality,” Netanyahu replied. “Our forces work on the basis of international law, so as not to harm innocent people.” Eliyahu then tried to remedy the situation: “It was just a metaphor.” But that was not enough: the Prime Minister suspended him from work.

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Hajari said: “More than 2,500 terrorist targets have been struck in the Strip” since the start of operations in Gaza in land, sea and air attacks, adding that soldiers continue to “eliminate terrorists in close combat and air strikes on Hamas’ infrastructure, weapons depots, observation centers and command and control centers in sector.” Hajri, who had already accused Hamas of installing its military leadership at the base and under Al-Shifa Hospital, today provided new examples of this strategy, mentioning Sheikh Hamed Hospital (an institution funded by Qatar) and the “Indonesian” hospital in the north. From the sector. Using photographs and phone calls, the spokesman claimed that the military wing of Hamas uses these buildings for its military activities. Among the thousands of victims there are also those trying to report on the war and the humanitarian catastrophe. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, at least 36 journalists and media workers have died since the beginning of the conflict. According to the New York-based organization, the war between Israel and Hamas has become the bloodiest period for conflict reporters since the Committee to Protect Journalists began documenting journalistic casualties in 1992. Of the 36 deaths documented, 31 were Palestinian, 4 Israeli and 1 Lebanese. . Eight journalists were reportedly injured, three were missing, and eight others were arrested.

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