The most beautiful scientific magazine ceremonies

The most beautiful scientific magazine ceremonies

Any self-respecting cat owner will say their pet is the cutest ever. However, science identifies the most beautiful cat breeds – here’s which one is.

What are the most beautiful cat breeds?

When it comes to beauty, whether it’s human faces or faces, the key word is always the same: proportions. A few days ago we were talking about the golden ratio, and how faces with the closest number are considered prettier. Well, the same is true for cat breeds.

Would you like to adopt a cat here is what you need to know

Norwegian Forest and more

To report on the study, conducted by the All About Cats community, is daily Mail. This golden ratio was used to establish the most beautiful cat breed, and first place was won equally by three species: Norwegian Forest, Russian Blue and Manx. All of them have proportions very close to the golden section, at a distance of only 0.03 points. In second place was tied by another, Ragamofin and Siberia, two hundred years behind the leader. Going down several times, up to 10th place, we find Korat, Ocicat and Ragdoll: all 0.14 points from the Golden Section. Instead, the Himalayas took last place, with 58.49 starting points from the Golden Section number.

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We’ve already seen first and second places: American Curl is in third, 0.06 points behind. In fourth place is the Selkirk Rex and the Siamese with 0.07 points. In fifth place is Maine Coon, with a score of 0.09 points. In sixth place, the Egyptian Mau and the Turkish Angora, with a score of 0.1 points. In seventh place is the American Bobtail, with a score of 0.11 points. In eighth place are American White Hare, Berman and Bixbypop, with a score of 0.12 points. In ninth place is the American Shorthair, with a score of 0.13 points: we have already mentioned the tenth. On the eleventh, we find Chartreau, with 0.15 points.

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