The Marvels, a disastrous debut at the US box office. And in Italy?

The Marvels, a disastrous debut at the US box office.  And in Italy?

The Marvels marks the return of Brie Larson with the superhero she plays, Captain Marvel. In the first week of the film’s release, the box office receipts appear to be so low that they broke the record set by The Incredible Hulk in 2008. But in Italy, the situation looks a little better.

Wonderscontinuation of Captain Marvel, brings back to the screen the superheroine played by Brie Larson, Captain Marvel, and this time she fights with her trio, Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan. The film, which will be released in cinemas from November 8, has already broken a new record. Nothing good, however. A few days after his release. Wonders In fact, it holds the record for the lowest box office receipts ever among films in the MCU universe. The previous record dates back to 2008: DrAnd the amazing structureChapter directed by Louis Leterrier and starring Edward Norton.

In the United States, during the first weekend, Wonders It recorded a box office gross of only $47-52 million. Taking into account the film’s cost of $200 million and also taking into account that the first chapter of the series, Captain Marvelwhich grossed approximately $153.4 million in revenue in the first few days of its release, becoming a flop It seems to be around the corner. in ItalyHowever, the situation seems to be a little different. Although there are no recorded box office records, due to the simultaneous release of There’s still tomorrow (which surprised us at the Rome Film Festival), which currently occupies first place at the Italian box office, Wonders Cortellesi’s debut comes in second place with a total of almost €8.8 million.

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Reasons for American failure WondersHowever, it’s not the filmmaking or the quality of the product itself (we loved it, as we mentioned in our review). It’s a bit of bad timing: the film saw the light of day in the days immediately following the end of the very long film He hits From Hollywood screenwriters. Given the involvement of so many actors and heroes in the film industry, promotion for the film was almost non-existent, a factor that appears to have had a noticeable impact on ticket sales in theaters and thus on the film’s revenues.

The amazing structure by Norton recorded earnings of about $55.4 million at the box office, a slightly higher figure. There is still hope for that Wonders? Have you ever seen that? Let us know in the comments!

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