poncle hasn’t found a mobile developer who doesn’t want to prey on players – Multiplayer.it

poncle hasn’t found a mobile developer who doesn’t want to prey on players – Multiplayer.it

there Mobile version to Vampire survivors It was released about a month ago. Poncle, the development studio, wanted to entrust it to a third-party developer, but had to do everything himself because it couldn’t find someone who didn’t want to introduce it. Predatory liquefaction techniques towards the players.

Eventually the game was released completely free with ads, but this will delay the launch of some features and the legacy Moonspell DLC. Of course the problem is having to manage everything yourself.

Poncle didn’t actually plan to format the mobile version himself, but after months of searching he couldn’t find a developer willing to adopt the “non-predatory” monetization formula used in the game.

The project forced through several publications 1:1 clones, some with stolen codes, data, and data. Poncle worked hard to get the game released on mobile as quickly as possible, but due to inexperience with these platforms, some features, such as cloud saves, were delayed.

The decision to make Vampire Survivors free on mobile was forced, because many simply don’t even look at high-priced apps. So Bunkel preferred that everyone could run it, rather than build one entry barrierThis is why we ended up with a free vs. real approach, where monetization is minimal and designed to never interrupt the game, it’s always optional and in player control with two ‘view ads’ buttons that classic money-sucking systems games aren’t usually designed for mobile. It is a complete game, which can be played offline, in landscape or portrait mode, with touch controls or with a gamepad.”

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His commentary is certainly interesting, and one that casts a decidedly ominous light on the world of mobile development, where predatory monetization models are prevalent aimed at squeezing the biggest spenders (the whales) and exploiting loopholes in human psychology to make more money. Nothing we didn’t already know, but it’s always nice to repeat.

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