The graphics engine used in the development has been officially revealed –

The graphics engine used in the development has been officially revealed –

Last night, through a dedicated event, Capcom finally confirmed that it’s working Dragon Dogma 2, which is a sequel to the 2012 role-playing game, which was then repeated several times in different versions and on different platforms. In addition, it was also mentioned what graphics engine Used for game development: It RE . engine.

RE . engine It is the graphics engine used in recent years to make Resident Evil. It’s a high-quality graphics engine that has proven its capabilities in many visually excellent games. Of course, we will have to see how he will approach an RPG that, if it respects the structure of the first chapter, will be an open world.

Dark Dragon Dogma

We also remember that the director of Dragon’s Dogma is Hideaki Itsuno, also known for his work on Devil May Cry. Dragon’s Dogma is a real-time action game, based on character classes and above all on clashes against big enemies, on which you can also climb. The setting is a dark fantasy. We will have to find out how many of these features will also be present in the following.

Finally, here’s our dedicated sequel: Dragon’s Dogma 2: What to expect from this highly-anticipated sequel after the official announcement.

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