The justified replacement of Devesa lighting begins

The justified replacement of Devesa lighting begins

Going out shot to business that It should significantly improve overall lighting Devissa Park From Girona. It is a landmark claim that should improve security across the sector and should continue into the future, with three of the five planned phases now underway. The amount is €931,700 and the work must last 58 weeks. It is a year and six weeks that correspond to a break during the Sant Narcís fairs (to assemble and dismantle the attractions). The tasks are being carried out by Enllumenats Costa Brava SL, which submitted the best offer to the Girona City Council.

The machines have already opened a trench at the peak of the clock house and The plot of land that was Felix Varo’s stadium is full of materials to be used.

The project was approved in the previous state yet For a long time there were sounds They demanded changes to the entire electrical and lighting system in the park, which is very old, unstable, and has little lighting capacity, with cables remaining raised on wooden poles and some electrical panel boxes in a miserable condition.

In one respect, the phases addressed during this first intervention lasting more than a year are identical In the Camp De Mart space Currently used for exercise, it is closed to dogs and the Passeig Camp de Mart section gives access to the Devesa sports area from the Passeig de la Devesa. On the other hand, action will also be taken In almost all the rides in the park: The Sardana district, part of Terre, Central, the Barcelona district, the Roserar district, and the Placa de les Botaux. Finally, also to what is known as “Facade” Davisa. It is the one that includes the section of Paseo de la Devesa between the Clock House and Palau Feral, which will partly run along Carrer del Riu Güell.

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Subsequently, the two pending stages must be implemented through a new tender including: The interior of the tree islands -seven in total- and the picnic area, in addition to the space adjacent to the Fira de Girona and the ballroom Part of the Paseo del Ter, which runs from the kennel to the hall.

The work will be coordinated with the events organized throughout the year in Devesa so that everything can be carried out normally, and in cases where this is not possible, the events will be moved to another location in or near the same park.

The jobs will run Taking into account all scheduled and authorized events, Leave the places where these works will be carried out free of charge during the days when the events continue, and always protect and put up fences in the places where the work is being carried out.

As for the marketsin that area the work will be done during the days when there is no market and you will be protected if you leave any point until it expires.

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